What to Do in Moscow in 3 Days

3-day tour of Moscow is literally saturated with Russian history, culture and authenticity. You experience everything from monuments to architecture, local life and traditional cuisine of beautiful Moscow in 3 days!

The tour is completely customized and usually consists of 20-30 must-do places, as well as dozens of hidden gems of Moscow –  local treasure that not all locals know about.

Plus a very local and authentic Bus Tour Moscow that will show you Moscow through the eyes of locals.

Friendly Local Guides

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

3-day tour of Moscow…

is a great chance to experience ancient and modern Moscow:

  • from XII to XXI century;
  • from 1147 to what’s on this weekend in Gorky Park;
  • from Early Moscow Architecture Style to Stalin skascrapers to post-modernism to Moscow City skyscrapers;
  • from Red Square and the Kremlin to latest local exhibitions and art galleries like the Garage Art Gallery of Dasha Zhukova, the wife of Roman Abramovich, Russian billionnaire;
  • from Armory to Museum of Vodka to Museum of Chocolate to Russian banya!
  • from museums and exhibitions to historical streets, parks and squares;
  • from coffee shops to Russian restaurants with amazing traditional interior.
  • from sunbathing and picnic in Gorky Park to cycling and roller skating on main streets of Moscow;
  • from Tretyakov Gallery to the State Historical Museum;
  • from photo shooting to pub crawling.

As you see pretty much of everything!

Must see Moscow

Saint Basil Cathedral on Red Square, Moscow


Is Moscow safe?

Moscow historic tour

Private Moscow tours

At the Resurrection Gates

Eternal Flame at Moscow Kremlin

Change of Guard Moscow

What to see in Moscow

Walking tour of Moscow – Christ the Savior Cathedral

Fun statistics about our Moscow tourists:

  • 50% are surprised Moscow is quite civilized and has Starbucks on every corner.
  • The rest 50% anyway ask us about live bears in the streets :)
  • One of our tourists who has traveled 60 countries and could be hardly impressed with anything, ended up falling in love with Russian cosmonautics.
  • 30% of our tourists prefer off the beaten path itineraries and off touristy countries.
  • Every single tourist wants to listen to the history of Moscow metro and have a metro tour around most beautiful stations.
  • Of all must do on our tours we have to admit that Russian Vodka is #1.
  • Only one out of hundreds tourists we’ve had over the years asked us about tea ceremony on the tour. Tea is as traditional in Russia as vodka. We’ll gladly organize this ceremony for you!
  • None of our tourists has asked us about Russian banya (sauna). Guys, this is so much fun, trust us. You’ll love it! No tourist crowds, no lines and no McDonalds in there. Guaranteed :)
  • Almost 80% are not into art, but still are curious to see Tretyakov Gallery. ;))
  • Russian food. You either love it or hate it really, it’s 50-50. We’ll make your pelmeni with vodka on the tour the most interesting food experience in your life.
Visit Moscow

Bolshoi Theater in Moscow

Is Moscow popular tourist destination!

Kremlin and Red Square tour

Who travels to Russia

Moscow Tour. Red Square

What tourists love about Moscow

  • The monument after Yuri Dolgorukiy, and the fact that Moscow was founded in 1147 – almost 870 years ago!
  • Russian traditional «100 gramm» of vodka.
  • The age of Arbat street and Monastery in the Nikolskaya street – hundreds of years! Arbat street is 522 years, the monastery is older.
  • Moscow subway-system, the interior and number of metro stations. The Moscow metro has about 200 stations so far. To be continued…
  • 76 statues on Square of Revolution metro station.
  • Colonization of Siberia.
  • Soviet way of life, facts about Soviet people and communal flats.
  • What famous people stayed at the hotel they are staying at.
  • Wide streets, alleys and squares. Yes, we like everything to be big and wide here in Moscow :)
  • How huge Moscow actually is!
Royal Moscow

Kitay Gorod in Moscow – Nikolskaya street

Private guide in Moscow

Moscow Metro tour – Frontman with a dog

Moscow metro tour

Ploschad Revolutsii – Revolution Square metro station

Moscow at night

Moscow Tour. Monument after George Zhukov

Bridges and panoramic views of Moscow

Moscow Tour. Christ the Savior Cathedral. Sunset

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