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2016 in Moscow! What’s new? Our city is being intensively changed for the better step by step every year. Moscow saw great transformation last year and for sure 2016 keeps a great number of exciting events in store. For Moscow must see and off the beaten path check out 47 facts about Moscow attractions.

The highest greenhouse in Europe is to be open in Moscow

A new building of greenhouse located in the Botanical Garden was already built last autumn, but it starts operating only this year. City administration officially claims that this greenhouse is the highest in Europe. Inside  there are two pavilions : humid subtropical  and rainforest . One can see more than 6,500 species of plants , including the largest  collection of cacti, ferns and azaleas from all over Russia.

5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art

Moscow for the fifth time holds an international show that focuses  on a young generation of artists and curators  aged up to  35 years. Moscow International Biennale for Young Art is a large-scale project realized on the Moscow art scene in the field of contemporary art. The Biennale brings together artistic initiatives from all over Russia and the world. Leading art centers of Moscow in collaboration with regional and international partners take part in the Biennale’s preparation and realization.

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What to see in Moscow 2016

Moscow events i 2016

Tretyakov State Gallery to exhibit  Aivazovsky in 2016

One of the largest museum projects this year is the exhibition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Ivan Aivazovsky (July-November), which will reunite the most important paintings of the artist: “Rainbow” and “Black Sea” from the State Tretyakov Gallery, as well as “The Ninth Wave” and “Wave” from the Russian Museum. The exhibition will feature 100 paintings and 50 graphic works by Aivazovsky, including never-before-exhibited painting “Along the coast of the Caucasus.”

From February to April, the museum will exhibit works of one of the best portrait painters of the Enlightenment Fedor Rokotov. Portraits will be complemented with drawn views of Moscow and estates, books and documents, which will allow visitors to experience the atmosphere of the second half of the XVIII century.

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The UK- Russia Year of Language and Literature 2016

2016 is  a year of joint celebration of written and spoken culture. An ambitious series of event will be held across Russia throughout 2016.Already in February theaters will start giving live coverage productions of the Royal National Theatre and  “Globe” and “Barbican” centers. The Tretyakov  State Gallery will hold an exhibition “From Elizabeth to Victoria. English portrait from the collection of the National Portrait Gallery, London”, which will show the lifetime portrait of Shakespeare, Newton, Dickens and Elizabeth I.

In April the Fili metro line will run a train  dedicated to the works of Shakespeare as well as an exhibition will be held at Domodedovo airport.

50 new parks will open in Moscow

For the last five years a  number of parks in Moscow has  tripled. By early 2011 there were about 130 parks  and now  more than 400. This year the pogram will be continued. Basically they will be open on the places of former wasteland and outskirts. Existing green areas will also be actively updated. For example widely known Gorky Park will hold a reconstruction of  Pushkin embankment.

What to do in Moscow 2016

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Moscow Movie Night

For the first time Moscow  helds a citywide Moscow Movie Night, it will be intended to coincide to the Day of Russian Cinema, which is celebrated on 27th, August. Summer open  theaters will arrange free screenings of Russian films and multiplexes will make special late and night sessions.

2016 World Cup of Hockey  will be held in Moscow

The championship will be held in May not only in Moscow but also in St. Petersburg. Nevertheless most of them including the semi-finals and finals will be held at the stadium VTB Ice Palace. Tickets for the championship will be not enough for everybody but Moscow pubs and restaurants  will be full of Norwegian and Canadian fans  that means a lot of fun!

Red Hot Chilly Peppers and Lana del Ray will give concert in Moscow

In July the Park Live Festival and the stadium Arena Opening will host  world famous Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lana Del Rey. Crocus City Hall will host Grammy Winner — Sia in August. Deep Purple will give a concert on 2nd, June at the Olympic stadium. The group often performs in Russia, but this time the show announced to be a  jubilee as it is 20th anniversary since the first  arrival of rockers to Moscow , this time a list of songs for the musicians will be made by their  enthusiasts.

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