What to do in Moscow in 2 days

Hey guys! We want to share our precious moments of a recent Moscow in 2 Days Tour with amazing British tourists. The tour is a mix of All-in-One, which is a bit of everything and a lot of FUN!

2 Days in Moscow in a nutshell

How does Moscow look like

Moscow Tours with friendly local guides

Day 1.

09:00 Pick-up from a hotel, walk around historical downtown.
Say “Hiii!” to my lovely English tourists and me ! :)

Friendly Local Guides

Moscow in 2 days with British tourists

10.00 Moscow Metro Tour

Well, I believe that you already know the fact that Moscow Metro is supposed to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Actually, #1 in the world, according to Kickvick and Urbanful (and i’m sure a couple of hundreds of other blogs :). Riding the subway is a journey in itself, so I always include some top stations of Moscow Metro in our tours.

This is not only because of it`s majesty, but also because of its design here, every station is unique, with it`s mosaics, lightening, columns, statues, paintings, intriguing details from history and whatnot.

And this is not only typical Komsomolskaya, Kievskaya and Prospekt Mira stations which you find in most guide books and travel websites. We saw at least 10 most sophisticated stations of Moscow on our 2 Days Tour. With 196 stations on 12 lines in Moscow Metro, I got something to impress you with. ;)

British tourists in Moscow

Moscow Metro Tour

11.00 Red Square

Yeah I know what you are going to say: “OOOOH! Red Square again!”

YES!!!! :D

But not because it’s a must-do, or tourist mecca or any other stereotypes. It’s simply because it’s so Russian! Guys, i’m in love with Red Square, this is so unique and … powerful!

Did you know that at the beginning of its life Red Square was nothing more than a dirty mess of drunkards, beggars and rogues? The fact that Red Square has become what it has become is the whole Russian paradox in itself: the surprises, the rises and falls, the massacre, the victory arena and the heart of Russia… We talk about it in detail on the tour.

Must see in Moscow

Red Square, Moscow Tour


Private guide in Moscow

Moscow in 2 days Tour with English tourists. Amazing!

12.00 The Kremlin & Armory

I know, I know: “OOOOH! The Kremlin again!!!”


The Kremlin! Of course! And our national prides Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell! Oh, I can`t understand why all my tourists try to steal this crack! Every time I say “Oh, please don`t even try, it weights 11 tonns!”, it seems like no one believes me!

Moscow Tsar Bell

Tsar Bell, Kremlin Tour

15.00 Russian Lunch

Now this is by far the most favorite part of the tour, this is 100% fact, I don’t need to check it in encyclopedias. :)

What do we have for lunch? Top 3 traditional Russian dishes: Pelmeni (Russian dumplings), Borsch or Schi (Russian soup) and Bliny (Russian pancakes and crepes). To my surprise, It’s all sometimes accompanied by… coke? And sometimes by vodka, which is not a surprise for me at all :)

Russian restaurant

Russian traditional cuisine on our tour

Day 2

10.00 Victory Park

As Alex is studying Cold War at school, we decided to include a lot of information and sightseeing on Soviet Russia, Cold War, WWII period. By the way, don`t forget, that you can decide yourself which places you really want to see, because the itinerary is formed due to your interests. So, we moved to the Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill and visited the main WWII museum. The Victory Park is the place of memory and respect for those who took part in these bloody events of the 20th century, that`s  why every detail there is symbolic. For example there are 225 fountains, depicting how many weeks blood was pouring.

Best views of Moscow city

Victory Park on our Cold War tour

12.00 Ostankino Tower

Local guide in Moscow

Ostankino Tower on our 2 Days in Moscow tour

We then moved to the Ostankinskaya TV Tower. I really enjoy observation deck, because it gives you an opportunity to enjoy Moscow from the hight of 337 meters! The fastest elevators lift you to this hight just in 58 seconds! Their maximum speed might be 9m/sec, but as it`s very difficult for a human being to get used to it, we fly their with only 7m/sec!

Look at our super star Ian! He seems to be very happy to be back on the ground! :D

Fun tours in Moscow

Ian kissing the ground, so happy to be back from the deck :)

14.00 Space Museum, Obelisk and monuments

I chose the right time to be born, so I wasn’t a witness, but I do know quite a bit about the 20th century and the confrontation time between the USSR and the USA. No one wanted to lose this game and the USSR starts to show it`s power in space exploration onward and upward. The first Russian man to fly into outer space in 1961 was Yuri Gagarin. During the tour we talk about his achievements, challenges, awards and, of course, some pages form his personal life. There is a great amount of monuments and buildings, devoted to space exploration. For example, The Space Museum, the Space Obelisk and Hotel Kosmos (Space).

Cosmonautics in Moscow

Space Museum on our Moscow Tour

15.00 VDNKH Park

The ultimate Soviet experience with all the repulics of the USSR still preserved there.

2 days in Moscow

VDNKH, or VVC center, on our 2 Days in Moscow Tour

The acronym VDNKh stands for Rossiyskaya Vystavka Dostizheniy Narodnogo Khozyaystva, or the All-Russia Exhibition Center. It is a state joint-stock company nowadays, no more communism here, folks!

Soviet Moscow

VDNKH, or VVC center, on our 2 Days in Moscow Tour

That was our Moscow in 2 Days Tour. It’s so hard to part with you guys after the tour. I love keeping in touch with my tourists, and I hope if you’re reading it, one day we’ll meet and have the best time of our lives together!

Drop me a line, if you are thinking of coming to Moscow, I’d love to show you around!

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Private Guide in Moscow

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