Moscow Events in March

Visiting Moscow in March 2015? Looking for off the beaten path and local Moscow events? Perfect, read on!

Here are 3 cool local activities in Moscow in March. These authentic tours are all very different from each other, so go ahead and see for yourself what are you more into.

March in Moscow

Young people in Moscow

Pub crawl in Moscow. Photo by Moscow Pub Crawl

  1. ArtFlektion Handmade Fair

What:  ArtFlektion Handmade Fair

When: March 7, Saturday

Why: Choosing a gift made with hands is always unique, as the gifts are made with love. A unique handmade gift, which is a local present from Russia is… priceless! Huge selection will allow you to find exactly what your precious one dreams about.

Details: Handmade cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, toys, charming little magic things, cards, perfume, jewelry creations, bags and other accessories, hats, paintings, wooden diaries, decor for home and kitchen, dishes, cozy knit little things, unusual souvenirs, leather products and even delicious healthy food from original traditional recipes.

If you believed that handmade is not your thing, this local tour will change your opinion. The masters are real gurus of needlework.

For art lovers, the capital of the North would be a true paradise. Choose your  City Tour St Petersburg.

Cool souvenirs from Russia

ArtFlektion Handmade Fair. Photo by

  1. City Pub Crawl in Moscow

Photos: Citypubcrawl

City Pub Crawl Tour

Local Fun Pub Crawl

What:  City Pub Crawl in Moscow

When: March 8, Sunday

Why: City Pub Crawl Moscow is a guide to the city’s nightlife. During the evening, you will be introduced to the local bar culture, play fun games, chat with locals and, of course, dance, drink and have fun.

Details: The bars are all among Top local places, and are located 5-10 minutes from each other, just a bit of fresh air before you hit another drinking institution.

The route lies in the city center, in the historic area of Chisty Prudy  (Pure ponds), minutes walk from Red Square and the Kremlin.

Pub crawl in Moscow

Drinking in Moscow. Photo by Moscow Pub Crawl

  1. Mysteries of Lubyanka Triangle Tour + a visit to the Museum of the Gulag


Lubyanka, KGB Tour

KGB Building on Lubyanka

What: Mysteries of Lubyanka Triangle Tour + a visit to the Museum of the Gulag

When: March 15, Sunday

Why: Ever heard of KGB? What were the cellars of the Lubyanka used for? What was this place? Find out for yourself.

Details:  Lubyansky Triangle a place covered with horrors, tales, rumors and legends. The building of the NKVD, the KGB’s Lubyanka Square is an ominous symbol of the XX century.

Now it is busy noisy Moscow Center, but you’ll dig deeper several generations earlier and experience the feelings of those who spent their last hours of life in this still scary and mysterious place. The shadows of the The Grand Inquisitor Russia still leave their mark on the sidewalks of the Lubyanka and Kuznetsk bridg. Somewhere near their shadows are endless queues of relatives to the OGPU, wanting to know if their loved ones are alive…

Soviet museums in Moscow - GULAG

GULAG museum. Photo by

What’s in the tour:

  • Red Terror of the 1920s and the terrible repression of 1937;
  • Why the Moscow Extraordinary Commission  hit the the famous house of the former mayor in 1918 and what they was doing there?
  • What is included in the complex of buildings of the KGB, where were the mass execution garages, attics and basements? Some of them you will see with your own eyes;
  • Where was the office of Dzerzhinsky? In which house lived Beriay? Where did the Soviet leaders work?
  • Difficult and little-known pages of Russian history during a visit to the Museum of the Gulag. Unique documents and photographs, maps, personal belongings, installation of camp torture chambers, repressed life, and much more. What does the secret acronym SMERSH, the Gulag, elephants, Algeria and others stand for.
  • What did gulag prisoners build?
  • Children up to 14 years are not allowed on this tour.

What local event would you like to attend? Please, leave a comment with the name of the event and get a free entrance ticket to the place when booking one of our Moscow Tours

How does Moscow look in March

Lubyanka. Building of KGB in Moscow. Photo by

For a bucket list things in Moscow, start with a Moscow Kremlin tour.

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