Moscow Events in June 2016

Summer has started. It is not only the best time to immerse into Russian history, but also to combine tourism with local cultural Moscow events. The variety of Moscow’s museums can match every taste: Moscow metro tour, Soviet heritage of Russia, Cosmonautics Museum, Moscow Design Museum and more!


5 local events and places in Moscow for your cultural experience


For photography lovers, Garage Center for Contemporary Culture presents an exhibition that demonstrate old and modern photos in comparison. The exhibition aims to show people the difference of post soviet Russian appearance in 1995 and in 2015. You have an opportunity to absorb in last 20 years of unique Moscow  and Saint Petersburg urban landscape. The work reveals common and different features of developing of Russia’s most significant cities (till June 26).


Soviet heritage in Russia, Moscow



Jewish Museum and Tolerance center will show you Vanguard Art and acquaint you with the very Russian collection. The exhibition features the art collections from all over Russia. For the first time, museum gives an opportunity to see all 100 works at once, including the ones from the beginning of XX century (till June 10)


Till June 13 you can learn about the history of Soviet Cinema through movie posters in Moscow Design Museum. The posters are not just cultural artifacts, but treasury of Soviet life. Most of them were created by prominent artists.



Soviet past of Russia, Vdnkh park



f you’re into astronautics, you can’t miss the celebration of the 55th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight. Multimedia Art Museum hosts materials about the life and work of great Russian scientists whose works formed the basis of space science. The exhibition presents original drawings and texts of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, who predicted how people would behave in zero gravity 25 years before Gagarin’s flight into space. In addition to drawings by Tsiolkovsky the exhibition includes the layout of the iron blimp. Moreover, there are works by artists of Russian avant-garde, related to the theme of space, among which are so famous Malevich, Suetina, Tatlin and others.


For many years Moscow Metro is among Moscow Must-sees. Moscow underground was launched 80 years ago and being one of the magnificent projects of Soviet period, it involved the whole country to build it. In the Museum of the Moscow metro you can get acquainted with the unique materials from the collections, among them are photographs of different years and more than 200 graphic sheets with the design of the stations.



Beautiful Moscow Metro

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