Moscow Events in August-November 2016

Get ready to use these seven Moscow events as your guide to extraordinary local experience and cultural exchange. Don’t settle with your must-see list, go check out these incredible local events which are always the best spot to meet locals and have a real feel of Events and things to do in Moscow in August-November 2016.

Festival of music and light in VDNKH

A vivid audiovisual show – the Festival of Music and Light – will be held on August 24 and 25 at 9 p.m. in the Green Theater, VDNH. Come and see outdoor light and music extravaganza and enjoy classical music.

On the menu are remarkable symphonic and piano compositions of different epochs and styles, accompanied with the visual interpretation of the masterpieces of classical music. The project will use 3D mapping along with generative graphics and light.

The highlight of the Festival will be the Russian National Orchestra, which is said to be the best symphonic orchestra in Russia.

VENUE: The VDNKH Green Theater
WHEN: August 24, 25, 9:00 p.m.
COST: 1000 to 2,000 rubles

moscow park, vvc, soviet park, all russia exhibition center, vdnkh

All Russia Exhibition Center

 Ivan Aizakovsky. 200th Anniversary

Don’t miss a large-scale exhibition of Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900), one of the best-known and most popular painters in Russia that will be hosted in Tretyakov Gallery. The desire to capture the ever-changing nature in a given moment of time is a signature style of Aivazovsky.

From the vast collection of 6000 works, the exhibition presents about 150 best works of Aivazovsky paintings featuring seascapes, battle scenes, graphics works. Take in the masterpieces “The Rainbow” (1873), “The Black Sea” (1881, both from Tretyakov Gallery), “The Ninth Wave” (1850), “The Wave” (1889, both from State Russian Museum). You’ll also see the painting that was never displayed before and models of ships, compasses, globes, telescopes.

VENUE: Krymsky Val, 10 halls 60-62
WHEN: 29 July – 20 November
PRICE: 400 rub.

The Park of Crafts

Park of Crafts is a creative space for handiwork. 25-hectare cluster in the north of VDNH brings together public workshops where you have an opportunity to learn different techniques and crafts from professional masters.

There are more spaces here though, come and explore the “House of Crafts”, “The Fishing Village”,  the “Moscow Sky” restaurant and much more.

VENUE: pavilion #47 “Pig breeding”, VDNKH
WHEN: daily from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m.
PRICE: entrance is free, master classes are to be paid extra

moscow park, vvc, soviet park, all russia exhibition center, vdnkh

Moscow All Russia Exhibition Center

Shakespeare: Mystery-400

How about having British-Russian experience in Moscow? Check out “Shakespeare/Mystery/400” in Saltykov-Tchertkov estate for a chance to walk in the garden of Queen Elizabeth, feel the flavor of the theatrical London of the past, row across The River Thames and sneak a peak into Shakespeare’s life.

Don’t forget your cameras as there’s much to take pictures of: costumes and full-height statues of Shakespearian characters, the hall dedicated to the Queen Elizabeth I, who was the greatest admirer of Shakespeare’s art.

Go and find the giant dandelions, elves and fairies. Make a wish in the magic garden of “Midsummer Night’s Dream” or write a sonnet in a special hall.

VENUE: Myasnitskaya st, 7/2
WHEN: 24 May – 07 September
PRICE: 500 rub.

Leon Bakst. In Honor of the 150th Anniversary of the Artist’s Birth

The Pushkin State Museum of Arts hosts the exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary since Leon Bakst’s birth (1866–1924), who was a theatrical, interior and fashion designer, painter, portraitist and book illustrator in Russia in early 1900s. Being keen on the Ancient Greece and Orient Art, Bakst unique works combine classical motives with the eccentricity of Art Nouveau.

Step back in history and see the 200 painting and theatrical costumes that will give a great insight into old days.

VENUE: The Pushkin State Museum of Arts
WHEN: 08 June – 09 September
PRICE: 500 rub.

Anna Karenina Musical

Come to see passionate love, misery and a myriad of emotions in between. The end will be very emotional, just like in the novel…

VENUE: Operetta Theater
WHEN: 09 October
PRICE: 1000 rub. – 4100 rub.

International military music festival

A music fiesta, a fascinating show, the most historical place and a great ‘battlefield’ where the military bands from all over the world gather together to present military, classical, folk music and dance shows, combined with laser and pyrotechnical performances. Don’t plan a Kremlin tour these dates, as Red Square and Kremlin will be closed.

Spasskaya Tower is the #1 cultural experience in Moscow and one of the most memorable events in Russia. Vibrant national coloring, the diversity of the artistic, traiditonal and military traditions of the world dating back centuries ago reflect the most important episodes in the history of Russia and other countries.

Come to the Festival for this authentic cultural vibe and incredible music experience.

VENUE: Red Square
WHEN: 27 August – 04 September
PRICE: 500 rub. – 10000 rub

red square moscow, moscow red square, spasskaya tower, kremlin, kremlin towers

Red Square Moscow Spasskaya Tower

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