10 restaurants with Russian breakfast in Moscow

What are best places for breakfast in Moscow? What does Russian breakfast look like? How to find a good cafe for breakfast in Moscow? Where to meet locals?

10 breakfast places in Moscow

  •  10. The most popular national dishes for breakfast in Russia are porridge with berries, pancakes and syrniki (it`s local Russian cheesecake made with cottage cheese).

Mari Vanna

You can try all of them in «Mari Vanna», a cozy café in soviet-union style in the centre, close to the Tversaya street.

MariVanna is a successful Russian brand known in London, New York, Los Angeles and Washington D.C.

Address:  10A Spiridonovsky pereulok. Tverskaya, Pushkinskaya or Chekhovskaya metro station

Most instagrammable cafes in Moscow

MariVana. Photo by MariVana.

MariVana. Photo by MariVana.

  •  9. Another nice place with traditional Russian breakfasts is Vatrushka, which means “a sweet bun with cottage cheese or jam”.


Of course, you have to try vatrushka in «Vatrushka». :)

Breakfast is served all day from 8.00 AM to 12.00 AM

Vatrushka’s Breakfast ideas:

Tortilla with cheese and garlic (250 rubles),

Tortilla with bluecheese (320 rubles),

Breakfast sausage with cheese and mustard (380 rubles),

Hachapuri with bluecheese and pear (450 rubles).

Address: 5 Bolshaya Nikitskaya. Okhotnya Ryad, Biblioteka Lenina or Aleksandrovsky Sad metro stations

Russian pies

Vatrushka. Photo by Vatrushka

Vatrushka. Photo by Vatrushka

  • 8. How about a traditional Siberian breakfast in Chemodan (Suitcase)? ;)


Average bill is 1000 rubles, but the experience is worth every ruble.

For those of you interested in Siberia, here are our fun facts about Siberia.

Address:  25 Gogolevsky bulvar. Kropotkinskaya or Arbatskaya metro station.

Authentic Russian food

Chemodan restaurant in Moscow

Exploring San Francisco. You’re now welcome in 3 cities in the world: Moscow, Saint Petersburg and San Francisco ;)

  • 7. Would you like a star-breakfast in «O2 Lounge Restaurant»?

O2 Lounge

The place has the best views on the Kremlin. Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey and lots of world-famous celebrities came here to spend for a bite.

Address: 3 Tverskaya street, The Ritz-Carlton, 12th floor. Okhotny Ryad metro station.

Ritz Carlton restaurant

O2 Lounge Bar

O2 Lounge Bar

  • 6. «Strelka bar» is a one of the most progressive and trendy cafe on the embankment, exactly in front of the great Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the highest and the most beautiful Orthodox church in the world! Here you can order breakfast even at night ;)

Strelka bar

Breakfasts are served all day starting from 9.00 AM

Breakfast ideas:

Cottage cheese with honey, jam, smetana, mixed nuts or mixed berries 250 rubles

Eggs Benedict 350 rubles

Cottage cheese pie with raisins 270

Mushroom Omelet gratin, tarragon and Parmesan 250 rubles

Fruit salad 300 rubles

Address: 14 Bersenevskaya naberezhnaya. Kropotkinskaya metro station.

Best restaurants in Moscow

Strelka Bar. Photo by Strelka Bar

Strelka Bar. Photo by Strelka Bar

Russian desserts

Strelka Bar. Photo by Strelka Bar

  • 5. Are you excited about Moscow Metro?

Metro Diner

Then you’d probably like to try «Metro Diner», a unique café designed in Moscow metro-style with menu in the form of Metro map. What`s you the next stop? ;)

Average bill is 500 rubles.

Address: 10/13 Sadovo-Triumfalnaya str. Mayakovskaya metro station.

Best places for lunch in Moscow

Metro Diner. Photo by Metro Diner

Metro Diner. Photo by Metro Diner

Best places for breakfast in Moscow

Metro Diner. Photo by Metro Diner

Metro Diner. Photo by Metro Diner

  • 4. Wondered what Soviet and Communist era looked like?

Varenichnaya Pobeda

Come to Varenichnaya Pobeda, located on Arbat, the oldest street of Moscow.

Average bill is 300 rubles.

Address: 29 Arbat. Arbatskaya metro station.

Breakfast in Moscow

Varenichnaya Pobeda. Photo by gastroafisha.ru

Varenichnaya Pobeda. Photo by gastroafisha.ru

  • 3. For traditional pies – pirogies – welcome to café «Pirogi» in Kitay Gorod.


You will love this lovely place in Moscow’s oldest and most historical area. Yummy breakfast pie with Russian tea are waiting for you!

Pancakes with cottage cheese are 159 rublesOmelet with cheese and ham + tea /coffee  is 199 rubles.

After Pirogi, take a tour around Kitay Gorod, there is quite a lot to see around!

Address: 9/2 Maroseyka str. Lubyanka or Kitay-gorod metro station.

Russian cuisine

Pirogi Cafe. Photo pirogicafe.ru

Pirogi Cafe. Photo pirogicafe.ru

Best restaurants in Moscow

Pirogi Cafe. Photo pirogicafe.ru

Pirogi Cafe. Photo pirogicafe.ru

  • 2. For Vegetarian breakfast, head to a quick-service cafe “Jagannath“.


The interior is made in full color, carved with wood furniture, a large number of statues of Indian deities. The walls are decorated with colorful panels and paintings. Here you can plunge into the unique atmosphere and learn about the traditions of the East.

The menu includes both European and Chinese, Mexican, Thai and, of course, Indian cuisine. Very popular soup in the cafe “Dal”, “Shaq-paneer”, paella, vegetirianskie dumplings. In Jagannath you can enjoy handmade oriental sweets: milk sherbet, halva and peanut fret.

Breakfast deals here are just 180 rubles!

Various locations on : Kitay gorod, Tverskaya, Taganskaya, Kurskaya, Kuznetsk Bridge metro stations.

Russian cake for breakfast

Jagannath Cafe. Photo by Jagannath Cafe

Jagannath Cafe. Photo by Jagannath Cafe

  • 1. Brusnika Cafe and Karavaev Brothers are our favourite spots for breakfast.

Karavaev Brothers

Extremely popular among millenials. The place has numerous breakfast ideas: oatmeal porridge, croque monsieur, croque madame, baked pudding, cheese cakes, omelette or fried eggs with anything you like: salmon, turkey, vegetables, tomato, cheese, ham.

Numerous locations all around Moscow, mostly in the city center.

Friendly Local Guides

Brusnika Cafe in Moscow

Brusnika Cafe

We also collected 5 best Moscow restaurants for you. And 7 best Saint Petersburg restaurants if you are in the Northern Capital. Bon apetite!

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