11 Best Coffee Shops in Moscow

Where is the most invigorating coffee in Moscow, the most airy pastry? What place is a mecca for coffee tourists? What coffee do locals drink? We selected 11 best coffee shops in Moscow that we take out tourists to on our tours in Moscow.
By the way, Russia became a full member of the International Coffee Organization in March 2015. Let’s go celebrate it in one of the coffee shops below! 

 Best coffee shops in Moscow

11. Bulka

Strictly speaking, it is not a coffee shop – it’s a bakery shop where you can drink coffee. But! Coffee and pastry here are of such quality that they will beat any ten-course dinner.

10. Literary Cafe at the Moscow House of Books

Curl up with a book in a chair in the literary café at the Moscow House of Books on Novy Arbat street. Freshly brewed coffee, hundreds of books on the shelves to read,  relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes you can witness readings and presentations of famous writers and poets.

To tell you the truth, the best Literary Cafe in Russia is in St Pete. Indulge in Russian cuisine on one of our private tours St Petersburg.

9. Ochen Domashnee Cafe (Very Home-Made Cafe)

Warm colors, soft light, good atmosphere – everything to plunge into home comfort. Don’t forget to get a hand-made souvenir for home.

Local restaurants in Moscow

Best coffee shops in Moscow. Ochen domashnee cafe

8. Boucle Cafe

One of the oldest Moscow cafe located in the heart of the capital, on the Arbat street. Sip your coffee and watch literary events, film screenings and musical performances, sitting in one of those soft and colorful chairs.

best cafes in Moscow

Best coffee shops in Moscow. Bukle. Photo: yell.ru

7. Bulgakov House Cafe

Lokated in Bulgakov House which is famous for its amazing atmosphere: you can pat Behemoth cat, talk on the phone with Woland, indulge in delicious espresso and traditional desserts. Everything is literally saturated here with the spirit of the 1930s: tattered books on the shelves, retro lamps on the tables, vintage interior.

Bulgakov Moscow places

Best coffee shops in Moscow. Bulgakov House.

6. West 4 Brew Bar

West 4 makes brewing coffee in siphon a meditative and spectacular process: brown drops falling through the filter paper super slowly. So if are excited to see how your Nicaragua with notes of milk chocolate and hazelnut is progressing, you are welcome to watch the whole process.

coffee tour in Moscow

Best coffee shops in Moscow. West 4 Brew Bar. Photo: West 4 Brew Bar

5. Double B Coffee&Tea

For coffee sampling here we  recommend Ethiopia – neutral, but lurking mature tones of summer fruits. The drink is served in a glass flask, all power of the drink goes to the flavor – unusual amber hue, soft, fragrant. Warning: do not drink at once, and let it cool down not to miss anything.

Their own coffee shops remind laboratories, which constantly re-invent coffee drinks. There is no kitchen, but there is a large variety of coffee drinks. Apart from the classic espresso-based (cappuccino, latte, ristretto) there is also a large variety of alternative slow ways of brewing: chemex, hario and aeropress.

Double B’s signature drinks are latte with a variety of syrups, espresso with hazelnut mousse “Coffee wind” and raf-coffee, which is prepared on the basis of espresso with the addition of 11% -x cream and vanilla sugar. Worth a try is a lavender raf.

Ingenious method of preparing Australian lungo was peeped from the Australian colleague Matt Perger on World Barista Championship. Double B is the only coffee shop in Moscow that does Australian lungo really well.

Coffee gurus from Double B give some tips for beginning coffee lovers: chemex is served in a recognizable vessel. Coffee from aeropress is usually rich and muddy: for this method very thin paper filters are used. A hario is clean and shiny. Hot coffee is always slightly bitter, it needs to cool down. A good drink with the loss of temperature does not lose flavor. Do not add sugar, give your coffee a chance to become the most memorable experience in your life.

This spring 2015 Double B shares with us their new ideas: latte creme brulee (became a hit overnight), latte basil (with pine nuts), as well as cucumber tea with chamomile, which is so good for you.

most instagrammable cafes in Moscow

Best coffee shops in Moscow. Double B Coffee&Tea.

4. Les

Les is a unique place living under its own rules. Freshest salads, delicious sandwiches, tortillas and burritos and in-house desserts, combined with coffee master classes, sculpting, drawing, acting & DJ sets on the weekend make this place extremely popular among locals.

The interior of Les is unpretentious: whitewashed brick walls, wooden planks and menu written in white chalk on a blackboard. This is the only place in Moscow where they roast green coffee beans on the spot. Coffee is prepared only from beans of one variety, this way you can really get a taste of each type of coffee.

instagrammable cafes in Moscow

Best coffee shops in Moscow. Les.

3. Upside Down Cake Co

This is not only airy cupcakes and cakes, but also good-quality coffee. Espresso, cappuccino, latte – all coffee beverages are prepared from freshly roasted coffee beans.

The menu consists of 11 kinds of cupcakes and 16 kinds of cakes. Here you can also have breakfast porridge and soup for lunch. Dishes and pastries prepared by adapted American recipes Chef Isaac Correa. Almost half of the menu is updated every day, so it’s ideal for regular visits.

Highly recommended is aeropress Ethiopia Bokassa. Quite strong, completely black, no weaker than espresso, but with muted bitterness and bright grapefruit tartness. This coffee is ideal for wakening up.

most instagrammable places in Moscow

Best coffee shops in Moscow. Upside Down Cake

2. Coffeemania

Apart from coffee and desserts, here you can get top notch breakfast, lunch and dinner. Coffee from Coffeemania is repeatedly called the most delicious and expensive in the city. This is the only Moscow coffee place with presentable interiors and high ceilings, beautiful chandeliers, classic leather sofas and an open kitchen. At the same time,  there is no standard design for each new coffee house. Each Coffeemania is unique.

Coffeemania has a reputation of a trend setter, they are long known for their Chemex. Worth a try is Chemex brewed mono-sorts of highland Colombia – coffee gets a lovely rounded taste and loses all coffee sharpness: no bitterness and smoke, only chocolate with walnut.

insta worthy places in Moscow

Best coffee shops in Moscow. Coffeemania.

1. Coffee Bean

Our absolute favorite. A mecca for coffee lovers since 1996.

The menu offers over 50 high-quality coffee sorts. The most popular alternative coffee is purover with its soft, transparent, succulent taste.

Some of fun names of coffee sorts and fun short descriptions that we enjoyed ;)

Mocha Yemen Matara – For those who live in the soul of the little emperor Anzaniya Piberri – For lovers of all unique
Kenya Aa – For uncompromising perfectionists
Rwanda – For those of you looking for a companion to your delicate dessert
Urundi – For those who love the different nuances of taste
Ethiopia Harrar – For those who prefer the taste of history to any other tastes
Malawi Mapanga – For hard-working people
Mocha Yemen Sanan – For people with strong character

Uganda Bugis – For those who respect women’s work
Northern Tanzania Bourke – For traditionalists

South  America
Brazil Yellow Bourbon – Rare varieties of yellow coffee berries
Columbiya Evrodekaf – For those who prefer decaf
Brazil Santos Bourbon – For those who prefer the eternal values
Brazil Rhine Forest – Buy coffee – Save a Tree!
Colombia Suprema – For lovers of selected coffee
Peru La Florida FTO – For lovers of Titicaca
Mexico Plume – For the adventurous
Brazil Alta Mozhiana – For connoisseurs of Arabica varietiesof katuay

Latin America
Jamaica Blue Mountain – Exclusive Arabica. Solely from the Blue Mountain.
Maragogype – For those who prefer larger sizes
Costa Rica Tarrazu – For those who prefer the Moldovan to Burgundy

Mexico Koystepek – For real macho
Nicaragua Santa Lucia – For those who like “beautiful” coffee with a bright bitterness
Antigua Guatemala – For those who love the taste of coffee lasting loooong after coffee
Kauai Hawaii – For those who prefer modern technology
Honduras Finca Liquidambar – For connoisseurs of the best coffee from Honduras

Copy Luwak – From the biggest expert on coffee beans
Celebes Kelossi – For those who love mysteries.
Timor – For supporters of Greenpeace  society
Java submarines. Blavo –  For fans of Java and opponents of monopolies.
Papua New Guinea – For an invigorating drink
Sumatra Lake Tawara – For those who pay attention to shape and color
Monsoon Malabar – For those who are not looking for easy ways


Mixture Of French Cooking  – For those who prefers only France

De Balzac – For true romantics
Mixture Elite – Perfect coffee for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Mixture Of Italian Cooking – For lovers of sweet life
Blues – When you`re feeling blue I`m here for you
Coffee Bean №5 For those who like to be a real man. Or with a real man.
Daly – Unusual for coffee connoisseurs
Exclusive – For lovers of exclusive
New York – For the most ambitious ones

Moscow coffeeshops

Best coffee shops in Moscow. Coffee Bean. #1

 Are you a coffee lover? Do you coffee shop when travelling? 

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