Victory Day in Moscow – Detailed Schedule of Activities

On May 9 Victory Day in Moscow will host more than 200 festivities dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 – 1945.

We always have a big demand for our Moscow Night Tours on May 9 as the fireworks are fantastic and only locals now the best and safe places to watch fireworks.

What will be going on in Moscow on Victory Day? Join us on our tours and get involved!

Main events on Victory Day

The central events will be the parade on Red Square, the procession “Immortal regiment”, thematic programs on Poklonnaya Hill. A lot of buzz throughout all day on pedestrian zones, boulevards, parks, squares. The culmination of the festival will be grand fireworks display in 16 spots of Moscow.

Military Victory Parade in Moscow

Red Square on May 9, 10:00

More than 15,000 soldiers will take part in the parade, including 1,300 foreign soldiers from ten countries, including India and China.

For the first time in the history of the Pacific Higher Naval School named after S.O. Makarov. The participants of the parade will be dressed in the form of the Great Patriotic War and armed with weapons of those years

The composition of the mechanized columns will be fundamentally new compared to previous years. For the first time we will see new war machines on the platforms “Armata”, “Boomerang”, “Kurganets-25”, missile system “Yars”, five armored vehicles “Tiger” with anti-tank systems “Cornet”.

In the sky, a new aerobatic team “Wings of Tauris” will perform on an aircraft Yak-130.

Victory Day parade 2015 will be attended by 194 armored vehicles and 143 planes and helicopters.

Decorations in Moscow  for the Victory Day

From 4 to 12 May Moscow will be decorated in blue and white style “Hurray to Victory”: a white dove on a blue background, and St. George Ribbon.

200 “fires” will be spread all over the city center, as well as 6-to-24-meter flagpoles with images of war dates, orders, the hammer and sickle and stars with the height of 3 to 17 meters, the largest of them will be installed at Lubyanka.

Clear Sky on Victory Day

10 aircrafts will disperse the clouds over Moscow on Victory day. But most likely, it won’t be necessary, as the weather forecasters promise excellent weather with sunshine and above 20 degrees Celsius.

Victory Parade on Red Square

Victory Parade on Red Square will be held at 10.00, May 9, 2015, and will become the largest in history. 15,000 soldiers and officers, 194 pieces of military equipment, 150 planes and helicopters will be the core of this solemn parade.

Poklonnaya Hill, Tverskaya and Pushkinskaya Square, Tverskaya Street and Patriarch’s Ponds will live broadcast the parade on 14 large screens.

Immortal Regiment

On Tverskaya Street and at the Kremlin “Immortal regiment” will march, which will consist of relatives of the heroes of the war with their photos.

Poklonnaya Hill

The festivities in honor of the Great Victory on Poklonnaya Hill will begin at 15.00 on May 8.

Poklonnaya Hill in Victory Park will show great musical and artistic program dedicated to the 50th anniversary of “Hero City” title of Moscow.

From 17.30 to 18.30 there will be demonstrations on military-applied kinds of equestrian sport. At the entrance area will be joint performances of the Horse Riding School, Cavalry Honorary Escort of the Presidential Regiment and children’s groups equestrian ceremony.

Not to be missed is an exposition of 15 retro cars.

The interactive project “Camomile field” is an art installation that will show military equipment and fresh flowers.

19 to 22 hours – a festive solemn concert.

The main stages on the Victory Day 2015 in Moscow will be:

  • Poklonnaya Gora – May 8 and 9,  big concert program with participation of stars
  • Patriarch’s Ponds – a concert of classical music in the unique water scene
  • On Tverskoy Boulevard Muscovites will build a 12-foot “people’s victory” wall  of photographs and documents of war period. 
  • On Pushkin Square, guests can visit the festival “Cinema”, where all day long will be shown films on the military theme. Boys and girls in the civil and military costumes will dance to popular tunes of 1940s. You can get acquainted with the reconstructed “Victory Train” – the same “boxcar”, in which Russian soldiers returned home with a victory. Various types of weapons and equipment of the Great Patriotic War will also be exhibited here.
  • Gogol Boulevard will present nine public areas. Each of these stages of the war will perform music, memoirs and art reading. On Gogol and Nikitsky Boulevard, as well as on the Kuznetsk bridge street will perform with theater actors on the theme of military history.
  • Theatre Square  will present the music festival and dances which will last all day and will end with fireworks.
  • Kuznetsky Most street will entertain us with performances of street theater and music concert. You can also explore war chronicles and photographs here. Ten photo exhibitions on the war will combine into the Chronicle of the Great Patriotic War, the liberation of the European capitals, the famous campaign posters calling for the defense of the homeland, and a working model of the telegraph 40s.
  • VDNKh will show us 3D-cube with the old parades and movies inside it.
Victory Day in Moscow

Victory Day Moscow

Historical photographs and documents will be on display in Nikolskaya street, Kuznetsky Most, Arbat, Tverskaya Square, the Patriarch’s Ponds, Theatre Square, Poklonnaya hill, Tverskaya and Passion Boulevard, Chistoprudny Boulevard and Pushkin Square.

All central pedestrian zones – Pushkin square, Theater Square, the streets of St. Nicholas, Kuznetsky Most and Arbat, Stoleshnikov, Chamberlain and Lavrushinsky Lanes – will host an interactive program, you can try the porridge from the field kitchen, listen to karaoke songs of the Great Patriotic War, photograph in uniform and see the Russian military in pictures.

Free entry to museums on May 9:

  • The Museum of Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia – Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya, Building 25, Building 3
  • Museum and memorial complex “History of the T-34” – Moscow region, village Sholokhovo
  • The State Museum of the Defence of Moscow – Michurinsky Avenue, Building 3
  • Museum and park complex “Northern Tushino” (submarine) – Liberty Street, 44-48
  • Exhibition Hall “History of the War in Afghanistan” – the street 1st Vladimir, 12, Building 1

All-Russian Minute of Silence

On May 9, at 18-55 a moment of silence will cover the whole city, which will be accompanied the audio and video stream.

Light show

In the framework of the Festival “Circle of Light”,  the building of the Belarusian railway station and Theatre of the Russian Army will take part in light shows:

Belarusian railway station

from 21-30 to 21-50 – light show on the facade of the Belarusian railway station
from 21-50 to 22-00 – the play “Victory Train” with a laser show and a demonstration of newsreel
from 22-00 to 22-10 – a citywide fireworks, accompanied by laser and light effects on the facade
from 22-10 to 23-00 – a cyclical show: VJ of video projections, songs of the war years and the play “Victory Train”

Theatre of the Russian Army – 8, 9, May 10

from 21-30 to 23-00 – cyclic show “Way Soldier” and theater show “Years of War “: VJ and video mapping on the facade of the Theatre of the Russian Army

Travel Moscow on May 9

Poklonnaya Hill, Moscow

Fireworks on May 9 in Moscow

The highlight of the celebratory events will be a grand fireworks display. 

70 firing units will be placed in 16 locations:

  • Poklonnaya Hill
  • Luzhniki Stadium
  • Parks Izmailovo, Kuzminki, Nagatino, Lianozovo, Tushino, Obrucheva, Novo-Peredelkino, Pokrovsky-Streshnevo, Mitino, South Butovo, Exhibition Center, near the Left Bank, in Troitsk and Zelenograd.

They will use the new Firing set with electronic start system, capable of creating detailed panoramic picture in the sky. The military will make 30 salvos of artillery, and the installation on the basis of KAMAZ trucks will do 10000 firing shots. All this along with volleys of powerful searchlights illuminating the sky.

The beginning is at 22-00, the duration is 10 minutes.

Source: ялюблюмоскву.рф

Are you the lucky one who plans to travel Moscow on May 9?

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