21 Interesting Facts about Moscow – the oldest, the tallest, the largest, the highest, the biggest and the deepest of Moscow

Sometimes a quick stop for sightseeing turns up an iconic photo-op. Lets plunge into the tricky list of «The Mosts» in Russian capital. The oldest, the tallest, the longest, the smallest and the most unusual Interesting Facts about Moscow.


Moscow city

Night lights of Moscow. Photo: Yury Degtyarev

  1. The deepest station of Moscow Metro is “Park Pobedy”, 84 meters deep, being one of the deepest stations in the world. At the same station you  can experience the longest escalator (126 meters), standing at the bottom it’s impossible to see the topю The deepest metro station in Russia is Admiralty metro station in Saint Petersburg. Visit both stations on our Moscow and St Petersburg tours;
  2. Moscow and Russia’s (and Europe’s) tallest skyscraper is the 374 metres Federation Tower, located in famous business area called Moscow City. This Tower is also home for the “highest” restaurant Sixty with a picturesque and fantastic view (it’s located on the sixtieth floor);
  3. The tallest free-standing structure in Russia (and Europe) is Ostankino TV Tower in Moscow with the height of 540 meters;
  4. The oldest metro line is a red one. The shortest one is turquois line which has only 3 stations. This year it celebrates its 80th anniversary, a few weeks ago it launches the train decorated with Siberian tiger posters, if you are lucky enough you will see it!
  5. The most unusual means of transport in our city is a helicopter! You dont need to waste your precious time in traffic jams anymore, just call a helicopter taxi and you will be at the airport in 10 mins;
  6. The biggest pond in Moscow is Borisovsky pond, nowadays it’s widely used for swimming, where one can also rent a boat and have a wonderful trip around. During summertime the ponds are turned out to be the largest rest area with many cafes and sunbeds, volleyball сourts;
  7. The oldest tram line was constructed in 1899 and it still operates after some reconstructions. It’s located on Lesnaya street, pretty close to the downtown;

    facts about moscow

    Moscow metro. Photo: Yury Degtyarev

  8. The Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin, being the major cathedral as all the coronations of Russan monarchs took place there, represents the oldest building in Moscow. Some modern researchers consider the Savior Cathedral of the Andronikov Monastary to be the oldest one, built between 1425-1427 to replace the wooden church on it’s place. The interiors were decorated by famous icon painter Andrey Rublev;
  9. The Armory of the Moscow Kremlin is the oldest museum in Moscow, established in 1808, originated as the royal arsenal in 1508. Those days it was in charge of producing, purchasing and storing weapons and jewelry of the tsars;
  10. The highest residential building in Moscow (and one of the highest in Europe) is Triumph Palace (264 metres), and it was registered in the Guinness Book of Records in 2003;
  11. The Russian State Library is the national library in Russia, being the largest in the country and the fourth largest in the world for its collection of books (17.5 million). Its previous name was V.I. Lenin State Library of the USSR, but in 1992 it was renamed;
  12. The largest and the oldest university in Russia is Lomonosov Moscow State University, founded on January 25, 1755. Currently it consists of 29 faculties, 10 research institutions and other subdivisions. Nowadays the university houses more than 40 000 of students not only from Russia, it counts 5 thousands students from abroad;
  13. The largest skating rink is currently in VDNKh (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy). This year it not only hosts the best ice covering, super music and great hot wine, but it also offers the opportunity to celebrate 2016 New Year with on the rink with loads of fireworks and fun. VDNKh is also one of the biggest parks in Moscow being a  unique place combining national cosmic history, amusement park and just a perfect place for rest;
  14. The Luzhniki Stadium is the largest sports stadium in Moscow with total seating capacity of 78,360 seats, built in 1956, these days being reconstructed for the World Football Championship 2018;
  15. The largest square in Moscow is the Red Square with its length of 330 meters and width of 70 meters;

    fun facts about Moscow

    Red Square in Moscow. Photo: Yury Degtyarev

  16. The oldest square is the Sobornaya Square of the Moscow Kremlin, founded at the beginning of XIV century;
  17. The most unusual museum of Moscow is the museum of Soviet amusement machines, where you can dive into the atmosphere of Soviet times and try yourself in almost every machine;
  18. The most comfortable movie theater is to open in Gorky Park. It will operate during the night and will be equipped with a great number of lying seats. If you are a tourist and would like to watch a movie in other language — the 35mm cinema is for you, as it shows movies in different languages;
  19. The most unusual restaurant in Moscow is “V Temnote” (“In the dark”) where you can not see what you eat and drink, during the whole stay you are sitting in the dark without any access to the light. Can you imagine how strong your senses start to work in order to feel the real taste of the food. Local food is a must when traveling, right? Little tip: the gastronomic mecca in Russia is St Petersburg, where truly authentic Russian cuisine comes to life.  Sophisticated hipster style paradise in St Petersburg is not about worldwide chains, or book-a-year-in-advance PR. St Petersburg style is casual, cozy, organic, artisan, unique, atmospheric – each cafe is like visiting someone’s home and getting a glimpse into someone’s life. Come sneak a peak into a local life and cuisine on our St Petersburg food tour;
  20. The monument to Minin and Pozharsky is the oldest one. It is a bronze statue on Red Square in front of Saint Basil’s Cathedral, erected in 1816. Earlier it was located in front of GUM. Later on Stalin decided to move it closer to the Cathedral;
  21. The tallest monument nowadays is Victory Obelisk at the complex of Poklonnaya Hill, with its height of 141,8 meters – symbolically representing the quantity of days of war (1418). The weight of the obelisk is 1000 tons. Erected in 1995.

    interesting facts about moscow

    Moscow fireworks


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