How to Stay Fit While Traveling

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Fitness and travel

Going on a vacation or on a business trip? It’s easy to lose track of your fitness goals when traveling, especially when it’s for leisure. Even well-intentioned and fitness-savvy professionals accustomed to hopping on a plane regularly can be deterred by erratic schedules and the lack of nutritious options when you travel. All this is why there’s a huge misconception that people can just “let go” when traveling and simply resume exercise when they get home.

But in reality, continuing your healthy regimen doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some useful tips to stay fit while traveling:

1. Pack for fitness

What you put in your luggage describes your travel intentions. That’s why you pack a suit for business travels or bring a swimsuit or two when going to the beach. Thinking about staying fit while traveling means packing for fitness, too. So, when packing your travel bag with the essentials, make sure you also bring the gear you need for a workout, like your rubber shoes and workout clothes.

2. Don’t overthink it

Squeezing in some exercise may seem like an impossible task when you’re traveling. After all, you only have so many hours to spend in a destination. However, a Gala Bingo post on toning up details how you can simply use a chair or sofa to exercise without the need to leave where you are staying. These can include chair dips for your triceps and seated crunches for your abs. Your hotel may not have gym, but that doesn’t mean you can’t workout when traveling. You can even put a fitness twist on your sightseeing by throwing on some running shoes and going on a brisk-walking or running tour on your own. It all boils down to getting yourself motivated to do exercise even in a different setting.

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Travel and exercise

3. Travel and exercise

To travel is to explore. Whenever possible, skip the train, bus, or taxi, and opt to walk instead. Travel and exercise can and should go hand in hand. Not only will this give you the opportunity to stay in shape, but you’d also see more when you take the time to explore. Who knows? You might just discover a local restaurant or a downtrodden path with hidden shops.

Similarly, a Journal of Applied Physiology study suggests that climbing stairs is great for your heart and even builds strength. Likening the activity to ‘exercise snacks’, experts say small exercises like this is a good way to boost fitness. If you want to take things even further, rent a bike. Some cities and countryside areas are made for cycling, and you’ll be able to see so much more when you bike along the road.

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Stay fit while traveling

4. Do sports activities

Depending on your destination, there are always leisure sports activities you can opt for. In fact, many people discover the sports they like when traveling — snorkeling, diving, and hiking are just some examples. A BMJ Open study found that doing sports is a huge predictor of your health when you’re older. So, try new sports wherever you go and enhance your fitness journey in the process.

5. Use travel apps

Fortunately, we’re in the age of technological advances, and apps are a great way to supplement your motivation to stay fit. Fitness apps like My Water Balance are perfect for helping travelers who are traveling in hot places stay hydrated and healthy. There are also apps that provide guided yoga and HIIT training sessions.

At the end of the day, what’s important is that you’re attuned to what your body needs while giving it the best options to work with. After all, eating well and making healthy memories at your destination is better than any souvenir.

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