Moscow Mayors

Moscow has always been the historic capital: of the Grand Moscow principality, of Russian kingdom, of Russian empire, of the Soviet Union and, finally, of Russia. Since when was Moscow the capital? Who made Moscow a Hero City? Here are fun facts about 11 most famous Mayors of Moscow from 1709 to 2015, some of who we talk about on our Kremlin tour.

Moscow Mayors

Tikhon Strezhnev, the mayor-pioneer


Tikhon was Peter the Great’s uncle, who led him during the coronation and was in charge of purchasing and repairing Peter’s toys.

Who rules Moscow

Moscow Mayors. Tikhon Strezhnev

Vasily Dolgoruky, the mayor-altruist


Military general, sent troops to the Crimea peninsula and annexed to Russia, and was awarded with diamonds and the title of the Crimea by Catherine the Great, but not the rank of Field Marshal. Offended, he resigned. Muscovites especially loved him for festivities which he organized every Sunday near his homestead on the Sparrow Hills.

Lived in a mansion on the corner of Okhotny Ryad and Bolshaya Dmitrovka, which later became the House of Unions, where Russians parted with Stalin.

Moscow rulers

Moscow Mayors. Vasily Dolgoruky

Fyodor Rostopchin, the mayor – arsonist


Great schemer at the court of Catherine II, the favorite under Paul I, led the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to a legend, the idea of burning Moscow, before French would take it over, belonged to Rostopchin – although he denied it.

History of Moscow

Moscow Mayors. Fyodor Rostopchin

Dmitry Golitsyn, the mayor – urbanist


Knew French and hardly spoke any Russian.

His achievements can be listed for a long time, for example: he arranged the construction of the Resurrection Garden (now Alexander  Garden), and ordered to build the Bolshoy theatre, Maly theaters, and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

Mayors of Moscow

Moscow Mayors. Dmitry Golitsyn

Arseny Zakrevsky, the mayor – tyrant


Did not like to follow a law , and sent everybody he found “misbehaving” to Siberia. Tried to fight bribery, and in this respect historians consider him as an honest man.

Big names in Moscow history

Moscow Mayors. Arseny Zakrevsky

Vladimir Dolgorukov, the mayor-favorite


The supreme marshal at the coronation of Alexander II, and one of the longest one in the post of the head of Moscow – 26 years. During that time, Moscow’s population tripled.

Opened the Conservatory and the Historical Museum.

Big names in Russian history

Moscow Mayors. Vladimir Dolgorukov

Nikolai Bulganin, the mayor-Stalinist


Launched the Moscow subway and trolley lines, rebuilt historic center, extended Tverskaya street and the Garden Ring. Demolished Christ the Savior Cathedral. Many churches and monasteries were closed.

History of Moscow

Moscow Mayors. Nikolai Bulganin

Vladimir Promyslov, the mayor-modernist


With the active assistance of Promyslov Moscow became the “hostess” to the Olympics-80 and received the title of Hero City.

Moscow history

Moscow Mayors. Vladimir Promyslov

Gavriil Popov, the mayor-liberal


Greek by nationality. Greatly changed Moscow: many new streets, alleys and squares got back their pre-revolutionary  historic names.

Contributed to the opening of the first “McDonald’s”, which concluded a preferential agreement for 49 years – Cafe on Pushkin street is still paying rent at the rate of 1 ruble per square meter.

Unknown facts about Moscow

Moscow Mayors. Gavriil Popov

Yuri Luzhkov, the mayor-beekeeper


Breeder of bees, an amateur inventor and the author of 37 books.

As he became mayor a lot of money came to the city, as well as abundance of shops, new roads and a variety of entertainment, demolition of monuments and corruption.

Famous people in Moscow

Moscow Mayors. Yuri Luzhkov

Moscow Mayors. Yuri Luzhkov

Moscow Mayors. Yuri Luzhkov

Moscow Mayors. Yuri Luzhkov

Moscow Mayors. Yuri Luzhkov

Moscow Mayors. Yuri Luzhkov

Moscow Mayors. Yuri Luzhkov

Sergei Sobyanin

Born on June 21, 1958. In student years was never interested in public affairs and in general was quiet and shy.
His career began in Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant as a mechanic.
Sergey Sobyanin prefers holidays in Russia, mainly in the “wilderness”, enjoying hunting and fishing.
Thanks to his father, S.Sobyanin loves hunting and skiing.

Moscow Mayors. Sergei Sobyanin

Moscow Mayors. Sergei Sobyanin

Famous people in Russia

Moscow Mayors. Sergei Sobyanin

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    I enjoyed reading the historical listing of Moscow’s Mayors. I am intrigued by the various personalities and for what they are remembered. I especially like the last mayor Sergey Sobyanin. I’m glad to learn he enjoys nature, the fishing and hunting. I look at many of his pictures. I innately feel he is a person of deep character, keeping his real life, very private, but where Wisdom resides. It’s like he hides a rich resource of interior knowledge. It bothers me that his eye are not often lit up with a light from a smile. It’s easy to emotionally involve one with this admirable Mayor/leader. As i read about him and research Moscow’s current events, I think he has qualities of greatness. I admire him greatly. MaryAnn Rabalais

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