5 Famous Moscow Ghosts

The legendary Moscow ghosts: Cat Behemoth from Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita, a charming lady, a luxurious limousine… 

Moscow is not only history, Kremlin, vodka and cute matryoshka dolls. There’s a lot of intrigue and mystery on every corner.  Watch out for ghosts in Moscow!

5 most famous Moscow ghosts to be aware of

1. Luxury limousine

Sometimes a luxury limousine comes to Nikitskaya street, 28, where lived a Soviet political leader Beriya, the present Embassy of Tunisia, and a respectable man comes out of it. It is said that if a girl finds herself around that area at that time, by no means should she accept the invitation of this charming middle-aged men “to see the night capital”. Ghost appears at moonless nights, and most often seen from October to April. Watch out girls!

Moscow Ghosts tour

Fun Facts: Ghosts of Moscow. Limousine

2. Hunched old man wailing “Oh, money, my money!

In 19th century one rich family lived near the famous throughout all Moscow shop “Tea. Coffee” on Myasnitskaya Street, 17. They were so mean that they never had any guests. They even were riding with their treasures around Moscow every night, as they believed this way thieves will not get to their treasures. Once the family still decided to leave their valuables at home, hiding them in the fireplace … This very night a street cleaner, looking after the house, made a fire to warm himself up. When the couple returned, they found only ashes of burnt banknotes. The old woman died of heart failure on the spot and a mean hubby suffered a lot for his loss. The Ghost appears sometimes on that place as a hunched old man wailing, “Oh, money, my money!” Meeting him promises unforeseen expenses or loss of money.

3. Charming lady 

Juju worked in one of the fashion houses in the Kuznetsky Bridge street. She was the lover of the famous Moscow art patron and prosperous entrepreneur Savva Morozov.One morning, the girl was riding in a carriage at the Kuznetsky bridge and heard a newsboy shouting that Savva Morozov committed suicide. Frightened, Juju jumped out of the carriage and rushed for the paper, but fell under the wheels of a passing carriage … The girl died. However, it is interesting that that very night was found the body of a newsboy – he was strangled with a stocking … Juju’s stocking! Perhaps it is not surprising that newspapermen now fear to sell their goods here, and cabbies never drove here after the dark.Her ghost can be seen on summer nights, which would mean a quick loss of a lover.

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Fun Facts: Ghosts of Moscow. Charming lady

4. Ghostly carriage

Rumors have it that when a loser left a casino after midnight, in front of him arose a grey carriage and the driver offered a gentleman “to take him anywhere at the lowest fee – just 10 cents”. (Tariff for a cab within the Garden Ring was 30-40 cents at that time). Those who took such a good offer, were never found again …Nowadays you can also find a ghostly carriage on your way, especially at night, offering you very low fee.Under no circumstances speak with the driver!

Ghosts of Moscow Tour

Fun Facts: Moscow Ghosts. Carriage

5. Cat Behemoth 

It is believed that on Tverskaya street Mikhail Bulgakov wrote off the image of his cat Behemoth. A huge fat black cat appears twice a month on the odd numbers on the odd side of Tverskaya Street. The cat comes out from the wall of a building and goes into the wall of another building.This cat was officially registered in an international directory of ghosts.Meeting with the cat will bring you luck and success!

Bulgakov Cat Behemoth

Fun Facts: Moscow Ghosts. Cat Behemoth

There are way more ghosts even we are not aware of. Beware… ; )

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