30 Fun Facts about Russia

It’s Russia Day today, celebrated on June 12 every year since 1992. We collected fun facts about Russian culture, Russian traditions, Russian holidays and Russians. Happy reading!

  1. Russia is the only country in the world washed by 12 seas.
  2. Lake Baikal in Siberia is the deepest lake in the world.
  3. The largest swamp in the world is the Russian Great Vasyugan swamp.
  4. Lake Ladoga is the largest in Europe.
  5. Ural mountains that divide Russia in the European and Asian parts are the oldest mountains in the world.
  6. About 600 square kilometers of Altai are covered with more than 800 glaciers.
  7. The legendary Trans-Siberian route passes through eight time zones in Russia, starting in Moscow and ending in Beijing, China. The length of the route is more than 9000 km.

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    Golden Ring of Russia. Rostov Veliky

  8. The length of the nearest territory between Russia and America, which shares these two continents, is 4 km only.
  9. Moscow has the largest number of billionaires. If you dream to visit the Russian capital, here are 50 fun facts about Moscow.
  10. The only fountain with drinking water in Moscow is “Alexander and Natalie” – located on the street Arbat.
  11.  Cities and towns of the “Golden Ring of Russia” are called an outstanding encyclopedia of ancient Russian architecture.
  12. Russian is the seventh country in the world in terms of population. It is home to about 145 million.
  13. Russia is considered a European country, but 2/3 of the country is located in Asia.

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    Golden Ring of Russia

  14. Russian forests occupy 60% of the territory of country
  15. Russia has a border with 18 countries.
  16. Because of the great length there are 10 time zones in Russia.
  17. The literacy rate in Russia is almost 99%.
  18. The Moscow metro is probably the most beautiful in the world. More fun facts about Moscow metro. IF you are into myths here are 7 myths about Moscow metro for you.
  19. The metro station “Revolution Square” in Moscow is decorated with 76 bronze statues of workers, peasants, soldiers, sailors and other proletarians of the Soviet Union.

    Most beautiful Moscow Metro stations

    Moscow Metro. Revolution Square metro station, a dog that accompanies a frontier guard

  20. In facing of more than twenty stations of the Moscow metro there are various fossils: nautilus, ammonites and other prehistoric shellfish.
  21. Ekaterinburg is listed in a Guinness Book of Records as the city with the largest consumption of mayonnaise per capita.
  22. David Duchovny, Sylvester Stallone, Steven Spielberg, Natalie Portman, Mila Yovovoch, Winona Ryder and Sean Penn have Russian roots. Great-grandmother of actress Whoopi Goldberg came from Odessa.
  23. Two of the five founders of Hollywood came from Russia. In particular, the founders of «MGM» Goldwyn and Mayer. Mayer spoke English rather badly, having difficulties with  reading the script.
  24. The largest number of visitors in the history of “McDonald’s” was served in 1990 – the first day of this restaurant on the “Pushkin” in Moscow. More than 10 000 visitors!
  25. Russia is the largest country in the world. Its area covers 17, 1 million square kilometers. More about Russian geography.
  26. Before the 1917 revolution, Russian family was one of the biggest in the world, 8 children was considered a small number, there were usually 12-14. Currently Russian family has 1-2 children, one of the lowest among all the nationalities of the world.
  27. The largest population center on the area Russia is not Moscow, but the settlement in the Murmansk region, Siberia. With a population of just above 17 thousand people, it covers an area of ​​4620 square km, which is 4 times more bigger than Moscow.
  28. One of the puppies of the Soviet space dog Strelka was named Pushinka – a feather, and was presented by Khrushchev to President Kennedy’s daughter Caroline. Pushinka had a love affair with the Kennedys’ family dog ​​named Charlie, and she gave birth to four puppies, which John Kennedy dubbed pupniks (cross word pup + sputnik).
  29. Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev spent a total of 803 days in the orbit, which is a world record.
  30. Every monarch of the Romanov dynasty left to his heir a country than received from his father.

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    Tsar Cannon in Kremlin, Moscow

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