30 Fun Facts about Moscow Metro

80 years ago Moscow metro got its first half a million visitors. Moscow Metro was opened on May 15, 1935.

This year Moscow will hold massive celebrations devoted to 70 Years of Great Victory and 80 Years of Moscow Metro, and to pay our respect we collected fun facts about Moscow Metro from our Moscow Metro Tours.

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1. In May 2006, one metro maniac managed to visit all 170 stations of the Moscow metro in 11 hours 53 minutes.

2. Every day each car in Moscow metro passes more than 600 km, which is the distance from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

3. The exploitation of 1 km underground is worth $2 million.

4. The construction of 1 km of Moscow metro is worth $70 million (deep foundation) and $30-40 million (small).

5. Renaming of a metro station costs 1.5 million rubles.

6. Pechatniki metro station is the closest to the surface of the earth – just 5 m deep.

most beautiful metro station sin Europe

Fun Facts about Moscow Metro. Photo mouzenidis-travel.ru

7. On June 22, 1941 Moscow Metropolitan began to operate in two modes: as a transport and a refuge during air raids.

8. Over 9 million passengers use subway on weekdays.

9. The system consists of 12 lines with a total length of 327.5 km.

10. Moscow subway system is the 5th in the intensity of use (after the subways of Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai).

11. The first line opened on May 15, 1935 and went from the station “Sokolniki” to the station “Park Kultury”.

12. There are 196 metro stations, of which 133 stations with escalators and 44 are recognized as objects of cultural heritage.

most instagrammable metro station sin Europe

Fun Facts about Moscow Metro. Komsomolskaya station.


13. During 2011-2020 plan of Metro construction  78 more stations, 14 of which have already been opened. The subway length will increase by more than 160 km by 2020.

14. The longest line is dark blue, Arbat-Pokrovskaya, with the length of 45.1 km.

15. The shortest line is Kakhovskaya – only 3.3 km long with only 3 stops.

16. The average operating speed of trains is 41.61 km / h.

17. There are 5250 inventory wagons in Moscow metro systen.

18. Every day the operated car fleet is 3656.

19. The average number of passengers transported in the same truck 47.25

22. Average trip distance of passengers in the subway is 14.43 km.

21. Performance and Punctuality is 99.992%.

22. The interval in the movement of trains in rush hour is 90 seconds.

23. The Museum of the Moscow Metro opened on Sportivnaya metro station on November 6, 1967. It features the most interesting  models of trains and stations.

Soviet metro station sin Europe

Fun Facts about Moscow Metro. Soviet relics

24. The first construction projects of Moscow metro date back to 1890. The metro station was supposed to be located on Red Square, on the place where now is Lenin’s Mausoleum.

25. On the Circle Line, which is brown, the tunnel is slightly up on the road before a station  and down after a station. It is done for easier brake and acceleration of trains.

26. On purple,orange, green and grey lines a typical train consists of eight cars, on blue and brown – of six, on the other lines –  seven.

27. There are 76 bronze figures depicting Soviet heroes on the platform of Revolution Square station. The statue of Krasnoarmeets (Red Army soldier) periodically “loses” his gun: in average weapons are lost 3-4 times a year. “The border guard with a dog” is favorite among students – if you rub the nose of the watchdog, the exam will certainly be a success. As a result, a dog’s nose always shines.

28. The busiest line is purple line.

29. The oldest line is red, its central section was opened in 1935. The newest line is Butovskaya, it opened in 2003, almost 70 years after the first.

30. The same subway trains operate all over the CIS, as well as in Sofia, Budapest, Warsaw, Prague and Tehran.

Check these inspirational photos of Moscow metro and beautiful people by Alena Nikiforova and get inspired for your own professional photo tour in Moscow.

Photoshoot in Moscow metro

Fun Facts about Moscow Metro. Komsomolskaya station. Photo alenanikiforova.com

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