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Do you visit Moscow to celebrate something? Well, celebrities also like celebrating in Moscow. Long gone are the times when Moscow was a bugaboo for the rest of the world. Today Moscow is a popular destination for world stars from all over the world, they travel to Moscow with great pleasure and have nice memories of the city.

Pamela Anderson: Moscow travel in 2015 and 2016

Pamela Anderson loves places starting with M: Malibi, Moami, Moscow… Gorgeous and unforgettable Pamela Anderson impressed Russian ministers twice – in 2015 and 2016. Being an active member of the International Fund for Animal Welfare the actress met with the presidential representative on environmental issues in the Kremlin. In spite of the serious and important mission on animal rights, she could not help checking the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and strolling through the streets of Moscow.

Probably after breathing in Moscow air the American actress remembered her Russian roots and expressed a modest wish to have a Russian passport at the press conference.

Moscow sightseeing with Brad Pitt

Moscow was also a must-do in Brad Pitt’s travel list. The super star met his Russian fans in Moscow in June, 2013. The actor promoted his new film “World War Z” at the 35th Moscow International Film Festival. Brad Pitt stayed at Ritz Carlton with his kids – Zahara and Shiloh. The star family did not miss a chance to go sightseeing and had a solid list of attractions to see in Moscow. They took a drive in Mercedes along Tverskaya street, visited Bolshoi Theatre and took in the beauty of Red Square and Kremlin.

By the way, one of the main museums was closed for public, but no one could resist the charm of Brad Pitt with his kids and they were made an exception. That’s a nice memory to have saying to yourself “I made an exception only for Brad Pitt”.

Angelina Jolie. Visit Moscow with a bit of a scandal

Yes, Angie also was in Moscow, but 3 years earlier walking the red carpet to Oktyabr movie theater. Being an Angeleno (from Los Angeles), she picked the hottest month of the year to visit Moscow and came in July, 2010 for the premiere of her movie “Salt”. Could she imagine she would need the skills of Lara Croft to navigate the city and deal with its traffic? Probably she could and she was brave enough to explore Red Square despite a massive tourist flow in the peak of tourist season.

Angie with her 4 kids took photos of the St. Basil Cathedral and enjoyed Russian souvenir shopping. But it would not be Angelina Jolie if there wasn’t some scandal. One of the employees of the Ritz Carlton hotel where Jolie was staying couldn’t resist the temptation and took a photo of the star in spite of the shooting prohibition for what he was successfully fired.

By the way, Angelina Jolis is wearing Dolce & Gabbana in this picture and we’ll talk about D&G a bit later.

Celebrities visit Moscow. ANgelina Jolie traveling to Moscow

Angelina Jolie in Moscow. Photo by joliepitt.ru

Johnny Depp: Moscow Kremlin for starters

Angelina Jolie and Johny Depp both starred in “Tourist” that was released in 2010, however both actors came to Moscow on solo missions to promote different movies. Individualism, we get it.

Depp visited Moscow several times to promote “Pirates of the Caribbean” and ”The Lone Ranger”.  An army of fangirls were screaming about their love to Johny Depp. Whereas Johny admitted that all of his favorite poets and writers are from Russia, and that he is willing to take routes of Dostoevsky and to visit the apartment of Mayakovsky.

Life is not perfect, even for the stars, and he did not manage to see all the Moscow sights that he wanted, but he covered Kremlin and Red square, which is a good start.

Ricky Martin’s sons love Red Square Moscow

Moscow is a city of contrasts and a Hot Latino guy performing in an Ice Palace sounds pretty contrastive to us. In 2016 the Latin pop star kicked off a concert in Moscow in the VTB Ice Palace within the «One World Tour”. Dressed in white from head to toe, black leather fingerless gloves on, he commanded the stage whilst showing off his incredible vocal capabilities.

Ricky Martin traveled to Moscow with his sons – Matteo and Valentino – and his boy-friend – Jwan Yosef. They stayed at The St. Regis in the center. While the couple attended the fashionable Moscow art exhibition, the boys saw all main sights of Moscow with a baby sitter and securities. They really liked the Kremlin clock and the St. Basil Cathedral which looks very much like an ice-cream or a bonfire from some fairy tale.

Monica Bellucci’s preference on Moscow hotels and restaurants

“Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”, like locals like to say, but nobody can resist the charm and elegance here. Wherever she goes amazing, stunning, enchanting Monica Bellucci always causes a lot of admiration, and Moscow is no exception.

The actress and model traveled to Moscow three times: for the presentation of Cartier in 2008, during the opening of D&G in 2014 and to promote the movie “On the milky road” in December, 2016. If you want to experience Moscow in Monica Bellucci style, stay at Ritz Carlton or Baltschug Kempinski and dine at Cristal Room Baccarat or Pushkin. Also, make sure you’re invited to private parties by Moscow celebrities.

As for sightseeing part, it was short and sweet: Kremlin tour and Red Square. Everybody loves Red Square and Kremlin, and Monica is no exception.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana: Fancy Moscow City

Monica Bellucci was not traveling alone in 2014. She was accompanied by famous Sicilians who visited Moscow – twice in 2014 and 2015 at the opening of their brand boutiques in Moscow. Stylish and sophisticated designers presented their first capsule collection in 2015, which was entirely dedicated to the Russian capital and Russian girls. They had a rich program – a photocall at TSUM, a secular dinner at the Italian Embassy and never-ending communication with fans.

A visit of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in Moscow left behind a hefty dose of photos in Instagram under the hashtag #dglovesmoscow.

Visit Moscow - Golce Gabbana Moscow travel

Dolce & Gabbana in Moscow. Photo by dolcegabbana.livejournal.com

Jared Leto: Russia Travel is the best

Of all the stars wishing to get a Russian passport Jared Leto has the highest chance! Jared visits Moscow on a regular basis. Somebody likes beach vacations, or shopping in Paris, while Jared prefers a travel to Moscow.

Every visit he changes his style and is always unrecognizable: dark-haired or blond,

Short cut or long-haired… There have been enough times to experiment as Jared has visited Moscow three time officially and eight (!) times privately. Thirty Seconds to Mars and Jared Leto have performed to thousands of fans at Moscow Olympic Stadium three times. The latest one was on their cosmic “Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams” world tour.

Now here’s a must-do list from Jared: In 2010 the actor used Moscow Metro and the train to get to the Domodedovo Moscow airport. Apparently, he enjoyed the experience as he’s been coming back to Moscow ever since. Jared Leto loves his fans and his fans love him. And Youtube loves them all and you can see a plentiful of videos there where Jared is walking in the center of Moscow with his fans.

Scarlett Johansson: Visit Russia twice a year

Sometimes you like the place so much that you go there twice a year! That’s what Scarlet Johansson did when visiting Russia twice in. In April she promoted The Avengers with Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston and in October she came for the Moet 250th anniversary party.

Sensual Scarlett is the face of the Moet Champagne brand. And why not when you have champagne color hair. Her gold hair and sensual figure stole men’s hearts at the black-tie party held in the luxurious Catherine Palace.

The heart of the actress that night belonged to a lobster and a crab salad.

Things to do in Moscow from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold is the most experienced Moscow tourist. Arnold Schwarzenegger visited Moscow first time in 1988 when the city was still the capital of the Soviet Union. In 2010 being the Governor of California he a tour a Moscow Metro tour with the US and Austrian ambassadors like an ordinary tourist to the shock of half-asleep Muscovites commuting to work.

Together with the President of Russia, Schwarzenegger visited the Russian Silicon Valley “SKOLKOVO” and met young Russians – prize-winners of the Special Olympics. He then took a tour of Tretyakov Gallery which opened its door to Arnold despite day off.

And then in 2013 the former Governor came back to Moscow again for the movie promotion after almost 10-year interruption in his acting career. Never say never and travel to Moscow, you know.

Visit Moscow - Arnold Schwarzenegger traveling to Moscow

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Moscow. Photo by tverdyi-znak.livejournal.com/526401.ar

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