Ice Rinks in Moscow

skating with friendlylocalguides

The winter is on its way and today we`d like to draw your attention to the world’s largest ice skating rink in Moscow.

So, let`s see what is waiting for us in the upcoming winter season in Moscow city!… Read more

One of 7 Hills in Moscow

Things to do: Ivanovskaya Gorka in Moscow

Why to visit:

Ivanovskaya gorka is the high point in the center of Moscow, located in the east of the White city. It is one of the 7 hills Moscow stands on!… Read more

Moscow Kremlin Guide

Moscow Tours. Kremlin Tour. Kremlin is the official residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin

Kremlin can be compared to Hermitage in St Petersburg, or Louvre in Paris. It’s a top landmark in Moscow.
Let’s peep into our Moscow Tour and find out what makes the Kremlin #1 place in Russia.… Read more

Off The Beaten Path in Moscow – Ekaterininsky Park

Things to do. Ekaterininsky park.

Want to do off the beaten path in Moscow?  How about all-in-one entertainment: dance salsa, row a boat in a pond with funny red ducks, explore ancient Russia in the Chapel, admire the architectural monuments, feel the atmosphere of Soviet past and dream about big near the sculpture “To the stars”?… Read more