Kolomenskoe Park and Museum-Reserve

Palace of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich

Let’s set out on a journey around legendary Kolomenskoe Park. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. The Palace of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich, which is considered the eighth wonder of the world,
  2. the church where Ivan the Terrible was married,
  3. The Church of the Ascension, which is a masterpiece of Russian architecture,
  4. River cruise Moscow and loads more – join us on a tour of Kolomenskoe Museum-Reserve!
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What to Do in Moscow in 3 Days

3-day tour of Moscow is literally saturated with Russian history, culture and authenticity. You experience everything from monuments to architecture, local life and traditional cuisine.

The tour is completely customized and usually consists of 20-30 must-do places, as well as dozens of hidden gems of Moscow –  local treasure that not all locals know about.… Read more

Best Flea Markets in Moscow

There is hardly a better place to gain access to local Russian culture and authenticity than a flea market.

Top 4 Moscow flea markets

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Moscow Events in March

GULAG museum.

Visiting Moscow in March 2015?

Looking for off the beaten path and local events in Moscow? Perfect, read on!

Here are 3 cool local activities in Moscow in March. These authentic tours are all very different from each other, so go ahead and see for yourself what are you more into.… Read more

Gorky Park in Moscow

Local Fun. Gorky Park.

Gorky Park is a Central Park of Moscow, with 100, 000 people a day on the weekend.  It features Europe’s largest skating rink with artificial ice in winter.

What made Gorky Park #1 in Moscow?

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