Soviet Attractions in Moscow

Soviet places in Moscow

Gorge on Russian Soviet attractions in Moscow with various options of museums and galleries, cafes and restaurants, parks and squares.

Moscow was the capital of former USSR and that is why nowadays it still brilliantly keeps the atmosphere of Soviet times, like no other city in Russia.… Read more

6 Most Popular Moscow Places

Kremlin tours

Moscow travel is much more than vodka, caviar and matryoshka dolls. Imagine the biggest city in the biggest county in the world. Sounds massive, right? So this is what traveling to Moscow is like – massive holidays in Russia!… Read more

What to See in 3 days in Moscow

What to do in Moscow

3 days in Moscow are enough to feel like a local.

Discover the lingering grandeur of the city of Dukes, Princes, Tsars, Emperors, Communist leaders and Presidents

Here are 10 things to do in Moscow in 3 days.

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16 Reasons Why Visiting Russia in 2016

Travel to Russia

Russia is having a historical moment – a moment that’s lasted for the last thousand years. Visiting Russia is always an adventure! Adventure into history, culture, food, traditions, people.

We collected 16 reasons why you should visit Russia in 2016.

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3 Top Moscow Museums

Top things to do in Moscow - Moscow Museums

If you ask yourself “What to do in Moscow“, here is the answer – dive in what Moscow is most rich in – the history! Here are our 3 Top Moscow museums that cover it all: from paintings and icons to precious stones and ancient furniture and costumes from Old Rus.… Read more

Muzeon Park in Moscow

Muzeon, highlight of Moscow

Muzeon Park in Moscow is one of the greatest green spaces of Moscow and our favorite spot for our Moscow city tour.
Museon is home to picnic spots, summer movies under open sky, stunning sunsets, lounging on the grass and trendy local festivals.… Read more

Fun Facts from River Boat Cruise in Moscow

Night views of the Kremlin.

While traveling on the Moscow River, in short time and without traffic jams or tiresome walking you can see all the gems of historical and cultural center of the capital. Depending on the itinerary and duration of the River Boat Cruise in Moscow, the tour can be 3 or 5 hour tour.… Read more

Moscow Tours with our Friendly Local Guides

Friendly Local Guides in Moscow

Local Insight into Moscow tours

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” – Anais Nin

While most tourists are looking for tours, it might be wise to start your planning with choosing a guide who is going to give you a local insight into a local life.… Read more