Soviet museums, monuments and cafes in Moscow

Soviet places in Moscow

Gorge on Russian Soviet adventure in Moscow with various options of museums and galleries, cafes and restaurants, parks and squares.
Moscow was the capital of former USSR and that is why nowadays it still brilliantly keeps the atmosphere of Soviet times, like no other city in Russia.… Read more

6 Most popular Moscow attractions

Kremlin tours

Moscow travel is much more than vodka, caviar and matryoshka dolls.

Imagine the biggest city in the biggest county in the world. Sounds massive, right? So this is what traveling to Moscow is like – massive holidays in Russia!… Read more

Walk Moscow Bridges

Moscow attractions

Can you imagine Moscow travel without a walking bridge experience?

Or a Moscow boat trip?
We can’t! Of all things to do in Moscow, bridges always add a bit of romance to your city exploring, as well as iconic views, wonderful photo ops and this special feeling of… adventure!… Read more

3 Iconic Moscow Museums

Top things to do in Moscow - Moscow Museums

If you ask yourself “What to do in Moscow”, here is the answer – dive in what Moscow is most rich in – the history!
Here are our Top 3 most famous Moscow museums that cover it all: from paintings and icons to precious stones and ancient furniture and costumes from Old Rus.… Read more

Top facts from our River Boat Cruise in Moscow

Night views of the Kremlin.

While traveling on the Moscow River, in short time and without traffic jams or tiresome walking you can see all the gems of historical and cultural center of the capital.
Depending on the itinerary and duration of the Moscow River cruise, the tour can be 3 or 5 hour tour.… Read more

Kolomenskoe Park Museum-Reserve

Palace of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich

Let’s set out on a journey around legendary Kolomenskoe Park. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. The Palace of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich, which is considered the eighth wonder of the world,
  2. the church where Ivan the Terrible was married,
  3. The Church of the Ascension, which is a masterpiece of Russian architecture,
  4. river cruise Moscow and loads more – join us on a tour of Kolomenskoe Museum-Reserve!
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What to do in Moscow in 3 days

3-day tour of Moscow is literally saturated with Russian history, culture and authenticity. You experience everything from monuments to architecture, local life and traditional cuisine.

The tour is completely customized and usually consists of 20-30 must-do places, as well as dozens of hidden gems of Moscow –  local treasure that not all locals know about.… Read more

Best Flea Markets in Moscow

There is hardly a better place to gain access to local Russian culture and authenticity than a flea market.

Top 4 Moscow flea markets

Visit to a Moscow flea market is always kind of a lottery: you never know what treasure you will find.… Read more