Kommunalka – Communal Apartment in Soviet Russia

Kommunakla of Anna Akhamota. Photo superhostel.ru

There is a phenomenon in the history of Soviet Russia which is quite difficult to explain to a foreigner, and that is the communal apartment, or kommunalka, as it is commonly referred to in Russian…

You can’t live like this but you can’t live otherwise all the same —and this is a perfect description of the Soviet situation in general.… Read more

30 Fun Facts about Russia

It’s Russia Day today, celebrated on June 12 every year since 1992. We collected fun facts about Russian culture, Russian traditions, Russian holidays and Russians. Happy reading!

  1. Russia is the only country in the world washed by 12 seas.
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31 Facts about Russians

What facts about Russians do you know? The most popular opinions (myths!) are: we drink vodka in the morning, never smile and have winter all year round.

So, myths unveiled! … Read more

Facts about Siberia

Are you planning your Russian holidays? Ever thought about traveling to Siberia? Get some facts about Siberia here!

The settlement of Siberia started in 1590. Siberia is a land of mysteries, paradoxes, scary stories and crystal clear divine nature.… Read more

Facts about First Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin

On April 12 the whole world celebrates the Day of Aviation and Space (Space Probe Day) along with memory of Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

On April 12, 1961 a citizen of the Soviet Union, Senior Lieutenant Yuri Gagarin (1934-1968) for the first time in the world accomplished orbiting the Earth on the spaceship “Vostok”, opening the era of manned space flight.… Read more

Golden Ring Route in Russia

Russian Holidays. Golden Ring. Yaroslavl.

Golden Ring Route is a Russian gem, fantastic route, bucket list idea, lifetime experience, and if you travel to Russia, this would be your ultimate Russian holidays in 2015.

Here are fun facts about cities of Golden Ring Tour and some golden moments of our tours.… Read more

All about Maslenitsa Week in Moscow


Hey there! Maslenitsa (Russian Mardi Gras) just started in Russia! Let’s talk a bit about Russian traditions for Maslenitsa week.


Russian traditions for Maslenitsa week

Being the yummiest of Russian holidays and one of the oldest Russian traditions, Maslenitsa is a must-do when in Moscow, of course!!!… Read more

Top 20 Facts about Russian Cities

Facts about Russia. Russian cities. Top 20 facts

There are almost 1100 cities in Russia. It’s crazy, right? By the way, the oldest city in Russia is not Moscow. The oldest town in Russia is Derbent. It is called one of the oldest cities in the world, being about 5000 years old.… Read more