21 Facts about Moscow with Infographics

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With a few exceptions, internationally Moscow is known for Red Square, Kremlin, Armory and St Basil’s Cathedral.

Moscow is a place where the Russian history was made, and most tourists are drawn to Moscow’s rich historical and cultural heritage.… Read more

7 Ways to Save Money Traveling to Moscow

Moscow sightseeing

Save Money Traveling to Moscow is a lifetime experience.
Moscow is almost 870 years old and is often called “Third Rome” and “Golden-domed” and has cathedrals with 500-year history!
A French writer Stendhal wrote “The beauty of Palaces surpasses everything what Paris knows”.… Read more

33 Fun Facts about Kremlin

A record number of tourists visited Moscow in 2014 – 16.5 million visitors. Guess what is #1 highlight in Moscow? Of course the Kremlin, which has a lot in common with Moscow, by the way.… Read more

Best Time to Visit Moscow

Spring Festival in Moscow

What is the best time to visit Moscow? Any time is a good time, right? (Hint: wrong!) May is the best time to visit Moscow and Russia in general.

May will be the grand opening of the summer season in Moscow.… Read more

30 Fun Facts about Moscow Metro

80 years ago Moscow metro got its first half a million visitors. Moscow Metro was opened on May 15, 1935.

This year Moscow will hold massive celebrations devoted to 70 Years of Great Victory and 80 Years of Moscow Metro, and to pay our respect we collected fun facts about Moscow Metro from our Moscow Metro Tours.… Read more