Best Restaurants in Moscow and St Petersburg

What is our reason to visit Moscow and St Petersburg? Many of our tourists tell us that Russian restaurants is the highlight of their travel to Russia. We like to believe them and you can check the best restaurants in Moscow and St Petersburg yourself on our Moscow food tours.

Best restaurants in Moscow and St Petersburg

Russian food is not that spicy, or exotic, or fancy. But it certainly has its own uniqueness. We collected all the best places where you can try Russian cuisine, Russian soup and Russian desserts, as well as make yourself familiar with local culture. And let the food journey begin…

best restaurants in Moscow and st Petersburg

Lucien restaurant in Moscow. Photo by

Top 10 Restaurants with Russian Breakfast in Moscow

Russian dishes are known to be super healthy. And we don’t know a better way to start your day than with a healthy Russian breakfast.

Find the most popular best restaurants with Russian breakfast in Moscow: Mari Vanna, Chemodan, 02Lounge Restaurant, Strelka bar, Vatrushka, Metro Diner, Varenichnaya Pobeda, Pirogi, Jagannath, Brusnika Café and Kravaev Brothers…though most of them have “hard to pronounce” Russian names (which can be fun though), the experience that they offer are much more to be characterized as “just delicious”, and high-quality pictures will allure you with their beauty.

Each restaurant and café has a detailed description of the interior, assortment and prices making it convenient for you to choose what suits you best.

Caviar experience - best restaurant in Moscow

Caviar experience in Moscow. Photo by

Top 10 St Petersburg Restaurants

One of the best places to get the best dining experience in Russia is the city of white nights, St Petersburg. It hosts one of the biggest variety of restaurants for all tastes and wallets. Check out these 10 restaurants in St Petersburg which were carefully chosen and recommended to you by Friendly Local Guides and by hundreds of our tourists who have been in these places on Food tours in St Petersburg.

Ready? Here we go: Cherdak Khudozhnika, I’m Thankful For Today, Ziferburg, Happiness, Jazz Bar House #7, Mickey&Monkey, CheerDuck, Cat’s Republic, Dachniki, We Are Married…all of those places have their unique charm and atmosphere for you to enjoy and come back again and again. And again…

Kvartira 55 restaurant in St Petersburg

Kvartira # 55 in St Petersburg

7 Best Russian Restaurants in Saint Petersburg

Get an explicit overview of the most authentic places to wine and dine in St Petersburg: Vkus Est, KoKoKo, Na Zdorovie, Russian Vodka Room #1, Tryn trava, Tsar, Apartment #55. All these Russian restaurants were chosen for their ethnic interior, cozy atmosphere and superb taste and flavor to experience Russian traditions. Address, contact information, average prices and working hours are provided on the bottom of each restaurant’s description.

We all are a bit obsessed with Instagram and Pinterest nowadays, right? So here you can also marvel on the exquisite tempting pictures of interior and food. Combines with the bohemian atmosphere of St Petersburg, these restaurants will add up to your lifetime Russian experience and make your travel to Russian one of the most memorable.

best restaurants in Moscow and st Petersburg

Na Zdorovie restaurant in St Petersburg

11 Best Coffee Shops in Moscow

This one is for you, coffee lovers. Happy travel is not only about Russian restaurants but also about good coffee, we know that. If you combine it with some art and history you will get our Art and Coffee Tour in Moscow.

Anyway, here’s a list of all most popular coffee shops in Moscow where you can get your caffeine fix. Our absolutely favorites: Coffeemania, Literary Cafe at the Moscow House of Books, Bulka, Ochen Domashnee Café, Boucle Café, West 4 Brew Bar, Bulgakov House Café, Upside Down Cake, Les, Double B Coffee&Tea and #1 – Coffee Bean!

Catch up with the local coffee culture in Moscow, what kinds of coffee locals drink and where they go for the number one coffee places in the Russian capital. Scroll through vivid pictures and nice and detailed description of each of the best coffee place in Moscow. Here you can also find some extra information about the kinds of coffee which you might find very useful. Besides, Moscow coffee shops take it seriously and some of them have hundreds (!) of coffee types, sorts and blends to choose from.

After reading this article, you will definitely want to experience the local coffee culture, especially since Russia has been a full member of the International Coffee Organization since 2015.

Best coffee shops in Moscow. Double B Coffee&Tea.

Best coffee shops in Moscow. Double B Coffee&Tea.

5 Authentic Moscow Restaurants

If you have ever been in Moscow, you might know how easy it is to get lost in the myriad of restaurants Moscow has to offer. Arbat street alone is a mecca for foodies with over 100 (?) cafes and restaurants all around New and Old Arbat. Therefore, choosing only 5 out of thousands seems like an impossible task. However, mission accomplished and here are the 5 best restaurants in Moscow with the best food, drinks, prices and service: Dr Zhivago, Vai Me, White Rabbit, Megu and Chemodan.

This is not a top5 list from Tripadvisor Moscow. These are the places where you got not just for food, but for the ultimate experience: the interior, the design and style, the vibes, the impeccable service will tell you way more about the Russian modern culture than any travel guide book or international forum.

Best restaurants in Moscow with Kremlin view. Dr.Zhivago

Best restaurants in Moscow. Dr.Zhivago

3 National Russian Foods

What comes into your mind when you think of Russian food? Anything? :) Find out about the top three Russian national dishes, its flavors and history. And though the list can be really long, we decided not to overwhelm you and list just three Russian dishes with centuries-long history: Russian pelmeni, Russian soup and Russian pancakes (or crepes, or bliny).

Rich-colored pictures and detailed description will leave you fascinated with the food culture in Russia and will make you want to pack your bags and come as soon as possible to try these three best dishes that all Russian adore. No Russian recipes here, we’re not the best cooks, sorry. But we’re great tour guides and know all the most unique and cozy restaurants and cafes in Moscow and St Petersburg to impress you!

Russian dumplings, called pelmeni

Russian dumplings, called pelmeni. Photo by Korchma

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