5 Best Moscow Restaurants

There are more than 2700 cafes and restaurants in Moscow. When planning your tour to Moscow, it’s a real challenge to choose those 2-3 best restaurants for a memorable experience in Russia. We picked 5 best Moscow restaurants for those of you looking for something unique, original and memorable in the capital of Russia.

Best Moscow restaurants

1. Dr. Zhivago

The best place to savor Russian culture and national dishes. The restaurant is located in the heart of Moscow, on the first floor of legendary National Hotel with a great view of the Kremlin.

Amazingly beautiful and atmospheric place, where works of art are organically woven into the interior. The white hall of the restaurant welcomes guests with the most striking works of Soviet artists of the XX century. Another hall is like a Palekh box with rushing forward cavalry on black patent red walls, and gold ceiling crowned with ruby ​​aka Kremlin star.

Excellent menu, unique local products and traditional Russian cuisine: carp in sour cream, Olivier with smoked chicken, meaty solyanka, goose with cranberries and duck with crab apples, amber millet porridge with crawfish cream sauce, carp with pike like a gentle, almost air fish pudding, pancakes filled with chicken and cranberries.

 There is also a beverage room with a solid set of vodka.

Unique local products and traditional Russia cuisine: amber millet porridge with crawfish cream sauce – not just a mess, but a real delicacy, carp with pike like a gentle, almost air fish pudding, pancakes filled with chicken and cranberries.
The average bill in Dr. Zhivago will be about 2,000 rubles.

where to eat in Moscow

Best restaurants in Moscow. Dr.Zhivago

2. Vai Me!

Ultimate Georgian gastronomic experience with Georgian atmosphere, food and employees.

A chain of Georgian restaurants in the center of Moscow with the same menu everywhere offering fifty dishes, including fried and steam khinkali, lula on stick, trout on a skewer, chicken chakhokhbili, megrel veal kharcho, lamb gupta, tbilisi shawarma, kwara, lobio and fried suluguni.

From nine in the morning until noon enjoy Georgian breakfast in Vai Mae!: nadugi cheesecakes with homemade Caucasian milk, jam or honey, scrambled eggs (with tomatoes, herbs, svan salt, suluguni or adjika), fried suluguni with jam, honey or nuts, Caucasian milk, and Megrel or Adjara khachapuri.

Vai Me promises strong drinks, like red and white Georgian wine, chacha and Georgian brandy and vodka, tequila and rum.

The average bill is incredibly low: 300 roubles for dinner with a glass of wine.

best dinner places in Moscow

Best restaurants in Moscow. Vai Me

3. White Rabbit

Huge, European, and now world-known, being the only Russian restaurant in the Restaurant Magazine’s annual list of the world’s top restaurants, and in a hundred of the best culinary schools in the world by Restaurant Magazine UK.

Located under a glass dome on the sixteenth floor of Smolensky Passage.

Here Russian cuisine sounds in unison with the latest culinary trends, and Russian products are raised to the height of the recognized specialties. Want borsch? How about borsch with fried carp, baked beans and turnip chips? Each dish in the menu of White Rabbit is the result of a long work, endless gastronomic experiments and respect for Russian traditions.

White Rabbit’s rabid performance brought this Moscow restaurant the nomination “Experiments with Russian cuisine” in 2014.  Come and be impressed with local rarities like Sochi dove, Siberian reindeer or Crimean Opuntia  – all of cosmic complexity.

The average bill in White Rabbit is 2500-4000 roubles.

One thing to remember here when planning Russia tours: Moscow & St Petersburg both offer White Rabbit and fine dining. The question is- what views are more exciting for you: ancent Moscow or European St Petersburg?

fancy restaurants Moscow

Best restaurants in Moscow. White Rabbit

 4. Megu

One of the six restaurants of the worldwide chain and the only one in Russia. Other locations include New York, New Delhi, Gstaad and Doha. Asian luxury of the highest order, the menu presents rare ingredients from around the world and authentic Japanese delicacies.

Original design decisions in the decoration of the restaurant like a huge bronze bell hanging in the center of the hall – a replica of the bell of the Japanese temple Todaiji in Nara. The restaurant has 4 private rooms: Sakura, Kiku, Hanabi, Ran and a sushi bar with an open kitchen.

An impressive wine list and a separate menu with different types of sake.

Megu restaurant will surprise you with a fish tank with seawater kept at 4 C, which supposedly preserves the quality of fish. Whether you are here for a Kamchatka crab or a Canadian lobster, you will enjoy your dining in style.

Most romantic restaurants in Moscow

Best restaurants in Moscow. Megu. Photo: gorod.afisha.ru

5. Chemodan

A bohemian restaurant with Siberian cuisine from the actor Oleg Menshikov and founder of Krasnoyarsk Chemodan Dmitry Stepanov.

The interior of the bar-restaurant Chemodan is made in the Biedermeier style: antique clocks, books, table lamps, wardrobe and mirror of XIX-XX centuries. Tables and suitcases are an exact copy of exhibits from Amsterdam museums.

The menu is all about high-end cuisine of Yenisei province of the nineteenth century”: venison, sohatiny, blackbirds, deer, whitefish, trout, as well as exquisite caraway vodka of triple distillation.

Chemodan also offers a bit of theater: the main hall is equipped with a small stage, where you can have aesthetic enjoyment with local readings and performances.

Quotes from the menu:

Venison with red cabbage and apple balsamic sauce with red wine – 670 rubles.

Salad of smoked beef, walnuts and toast – 420 rubles.

Schi with mushrooms – 390 rubles.

Caramelized apples with vanilla ice cream – 280 rubles.

Salty bacon – 250 rubles.

Boiled potatoes, fried in butter – 190 rubles.

Russian authentic restaurant with Russian food

Best restaurants in Moscow. Chemodan. Photo: otzyv-online.ru

What restaurant would you like to try?

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