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USA is among the best countries for studying. More than 4,500 accredited institutions make up higher American education in the United States. Every state or a city has something special to teach you. Let’s see how it works in the 4 biggest cities: Los Angeles, New York City, Miami and San Francisco.




If you wish to learn how to present your bucks in the best way, Miami is your choice.


Not just ideal for sunning yourself on holiday, Miami is also an excellent study destination. With its year-round sunshine and attractive, skyscraper-rich cityscape. It’s no surprise that Miami scored highly for desirability in the Best Student Cities ranking this year (it’s ranked 40th in the world).

It offers 19 Universities and colleges including the most famous Florida International University with 15,000 dollars per study, Barry University which will cost 20,000 dollars, University of Miami and Miami Dade College.

Choose graduate courses in business administration, accountancy, history, chemistry, physics, psychology, social work, and many more. Miami is also home to both for-profit and nonprofit organizations which provide a number of professional trainings and other, related educational programs. Everyone knows that there is a Spanish-speaking majority that gave the city the nickname “the Capital of Latin America”. So you can learn Spanish as a bonus.

Living costs per month start from 1347 dollars, but you definitely need more to enjoy the city fully. Besides beaches and skyscrapers Miami’s major attractions include various boat tours, Star Island, Venetian Islands.  Port of Miami, Freedom Tower, Little Havana or Little Haiti and Coconut Grove.

Miami is also well-known for its nightlife and party atmosphere (just warning that it can harm your study a bit). By the way Miami also has an important culture focus on college American football, and you’ll be able to attend many such events without having to worry about the bad weather.

Finally, mostly students don’t want to leave Miami after studying. So don’t worry the city serves as the headquarters for many companies.  Including international banks, and many large national and international companies such as Bacardi, Burger King, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Telemundo, U.S. Century Bank etc. Also due to its proximity to Latin America and the Latin influence in the city, it has many subsidiaries for operations in Latin America hence vacancies are always available here.

Miami University

Miami University is welcoming you!
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New York


Well-known New York is one the most dynamic and productive cities therefore it could be a really outstanding place to get a higher-degree here. More than 4,000 courses are offered in hundreds of degree and non-degree programs. You will enjoy a multicultural academic environment, as students come from all corners of the globe. As we said before everywhere in the USA educational courses are very diverse and in New York they’re even more.

You can choose any subject area and any degree level you could imagine. Just the few of them are health care, business administration, biomedicine and biomedical research, economics. You can also study computer science, engineering, mathematics, law, journalism, liberal arts, accounting, criminal justice, or architecture. Moreover, NY’s institutions ask to join their online courses, short-term courses and summer schools, which can boost your skills fast.

New York is one of the highest scoring cities in the university ranking indicator. In the 2018 it took 18th place! Of the 186, New York University is the most popular university, with approximately 34,500 students enrolled on a full-time basis.

The average in-state tuition for NYU is $43,700. Other universities worth considering in the city include Cornell University, Adelphi University, Rockefeller University, Vassar College, and Columbia University, to name a few.

New York city has a strong economy and so many industries that growing fast like digital media, computer hardware, marketing, biotechnology. software development, finance, media and entertainment, game design and public administration.  Companies with headquarters or local offices in New York City include: IBM, Global Foundries, Samsung, Taiwan Semiconductor, Philip Morris, Pfizer etc.  A number of internships programs will bring you a successful career startSo you have dozens of opportunities to get a job after graduation.

New York city is also known as “The City that never sleeps” and it’s all about American lifestyle city life with its vibrant nightlife. Approximate living costs variate from 1624 to 3500 dollars per month. The first time you’ll probably want to buy it all because the city is full of shops and food of any taste, take care and don’t spend all your savings in a first week.

New York not only has many great places to see such as Central Park, Times Square, the Empire State Building, Niagara Falls, and so many more. It is also a great place to meet new people from diverse backgrounds and different places. Over 20% of the city’s population is foreign-born and immigrants from over 150 countries live in New York City. All mentioned would definitely make your college years incredible and full of remarkable stories.

New York University

The New York University block
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Los Angeles


The so called “capital of entertainment” is diverse in courses as well. But indeed everybody knows that Los Angeles has many unique options for studying. You can learn relevant high performance courses in a wide range of disciplines including business administration, law, medicine, social sciences, IT, cultural studies, journalism and media.

You may take specialized short term courses to start career in the entertainment industry. Wide your knowledge on topics such as, animation, special effects, sound engineering, acting, creative writing, and many more. Actually many experienced actors, operators and film directors come here to improve their skills. There is no better place to get into film making industry in any role.

Los Angeles is a home for about 40 institutions. Certainly it’s no surprise to find that graduates of University of California (UCLA), American Film Institute Conservatory and University of Southern California (USC) are in high demand. The average cost of any degree there is about 45,000 dollars. Los Angeles achieved 35th rank within the world’s top 150 cities for education.

By studying in Los Angeles, you will never run out of things to do after class. As the major source of entertainment in the U.S. Explore many famous locations like the Hollywood sign, Sunset Boulevard, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures Studios or Disneyland Park. Every day in LA you have a huge chance to see celebrities and it’s a great advantage as well. You also shouldn’t miss the beautiful Californian beaches, art galleries, cinemas and parties. The living cost is about 2000 dollars and don’t forget to keep money for the gym.

The city of L.A. is one of the largest economies in the world and an international hub for the entertainment, information, fashion, healthcare, tourism, and technology industries. Also playing an important part in the agricultural, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors. Nobody says it’s easy to get a start job in Los Angeles because mainly you should have right connections. But studying in this hot spot enhances your chances to get it much before you need a job.

Students in Los Angeles

International Students in Los Angeles
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San Francisco


Being near Silicon Valley and the main institute of technology Stanford University there’s a huge culture of tech and entrepreneurship in San Francisco. It attracts lots of the smartest people from the globe.

San Francisco is 38th on best student Cities ranking in 2018. The city hosts two of the world’s most prestigious universities, Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley, currently ranked 2nd and 27th in the world respectively. Not surprisingly that annual costs of study here is extremely expensive starting from 50,000 dollars.

Today, the city’s bohemian heritage and relaxed beach style blend with more cutting-edge and competitive dynamics. One of the world’s leading 10 financial centers, the San Francisco Bay Area is home to hundreds of innovative companies in the technology sector. It include headquarters of Apple, Facebook and IBM, adding to its attraction for ambitious students and graduates.

San Francisco is the kind of amazing city that once you’ve visited. It will always hold a special place in your heart.  Great museums and places to visit are the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Palace of the Legion of Honor, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

The California Academy of Sciencesia a natural history museum that also hosts the Morrison Planetarium and Steinhart Aquarium. Also see the Contemporary Jewish Museum and the Cable Car museum.

As any large city, San Francisco hosts plenty of festivals and events, like brew fests, jazz festivals, or art exhibitions.  Total living costs per month are 2800 dollars, which is also high. But the future graduation will give you back much more.

Students in San Franciso

Students hiking in San Franciso
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