A Night Out: Paris!

night life in Paris

Night club in Paris. Photo by Josh Sorenson

Paris is the city of the world famous night clubs concentration. We would say that it is the capital of the European night life, where everybody can find a variety of places with different concepts, music and atmosphere. That is why here is our top-list of the best 10 clubs you can visit in the most beautiful city.

Mind that most of clubs are opened only at 11 pm, but the funniest part starts at 2-3 am. Be well-dressed, the dress-code is essential in Paris, since it is one of the world fashion capitals.

  • Le Queen. One of the most popular places among the young modest people. Located not far from the famous Les Champs-Elysees which attracts tourists and locals as well. The club offers a diversity of events, on weekend a DJ plays typical club music.
  • Les Bains. The popular club in the former Turkish baths specialized on house music, hip-hop and beat. Nowadays it belongs to Les Bains Hotel. The club is positioned as the universal place for live shows, concerts and events. By the way, the club equipped with swimming pool. This place has been known since the 1930-s, that is why it keeps looking as the vintage cabaret, which reminds the times of Edith Piaf. The club offers thematic parties where you can dance rock-n-roll, blues or salsa.
  • Barrio Latino. Incredibly popular Latin-American club with daily all-night dancing. Ideal place for those who are searching for a proper tequila, margarita or mojito in Paris. You should be ready to dance all night long ;)
  • La Coupole. This is the old-styled historical brasserie on the first floor and the modern club on the ground floor, which makes it be a convenient place to have a dinner before clubbing. By the way, the pilasters of this place are adorned with paintings by the minor masters of the Roaring Twenties, so La Coupole can fairly be called the temple of Art Deco.
  • Le Triptyque. The outstanding club in grunge style, where you can listen to alive music followed by a typical DJ`s sets. Such a contrast gathers people of different ages in the same place.
  • The old barge parked right next to the National Library. It doesn’t have much space, but attracts public thanks to its interesting «night-club-on-boat» concept. Have you ever hanged our on Sen river? ;)
  • Elysée Montmartre. The historical venue-cabaret opened in 1807! The place where for the first time in the history the dance Cancan was demonstrated. Since 1995 this club regularly hosts the fashionable local event – Bal de l’Elysée-Montmartre.
  • La Loco. The huge night club in high tech style with three dance areas and techno music. One of the most modern and noisy places.
  • The club is focused on danceable music and continues the English parties Carwash in the 1970-s style. It does party-ready Funk, Disco, House, New Wave and 90’s – music, some Cuban nights and Salsa lessons on Sundays.

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