7 Ways to Save Money Traveling to Moscow

Save Money Traveling to Moscow is a lifetime experience.
Moscow is almost 870 years old and is often called “Third Rome” and “Golden-domed” and has cathedrals with 500-year history!
A French writer Stendhal wrote “The beauty of Palaces surpasses everything what Paris knows”. Moscow is fun, gorgeous, historical and so huge!
Take the best out of your Moscow or St Petersburg Russia tours with these 7 tips.

Travel guide when traveling to Moscow

Travel to Russia

As you might know, Russia is the biggest country in the world, and its different landscapes and a variety of scenery attract more and more tourists every year. In comparison to the year 1995 in 2011 the flow of tourists going to Russia has increased dramatically – by 27%. Only comparing the years 2011 and 2012 we’ll see that the number of tourists visiting Moscow is by 11% higher. 2014 was a record-breaking tourism year when Moscow saw 16.5 million tourists. Everything may seem to be fine, so why bothering?

It is, but don’t forget the past and keep in mind that Russia has been closed for entrance for about 70 years, and every migrant coming out of the USSR was automatically considered as a “betrayer”. That’s why now Russia is to make up for the time it lost and the Russians are constantly trying to improve current situation and attract visitors from very different countries and of various occupations and budgets.

We hope that the article below will show you that even in such a metropolitan area as Moscow there are ways to save money, despite temptations found in every corner.

Gorky Park in Moscow

Gorky Park in Moscow

Moscow tip #1. Hotels

Be sure to choose a hotel closer to the area of a railway/metro station. That will save you money on taxi. It is logical, as the way to airport normally starts with an Aeroexpress train from the required railway station, and carrying heavy bags from the city centre to the station is not likely to become a sweet memory. Moreover, Moscow is remarkable for the fact that in boundaries of the city centre all of the sights are located very closely to each other. Nice chance to have a walk, isn’t it?

Fact: Moscow has three airports, and the Aeroexpress trains to the Sheremetyevo airport (SVO) go from the Belorussky railway station, to the Domodedovo airport (DME) – from the Paveletsky railway station, and to the Vnukovo one (VKO) from the Kievsky railway station. The trains depart every half an hour; from 06.00 a.m. to 00.01 a.m. the next day. The ticket price is 420 roubles per person, if booked online, and 500 rubles on spot.

Moscow hotel

National hotel

Moscow tip #2. Museums

Use your chance to visit museums and galleries for free. Every third Sunday in a month the following museums open their doors to everyone absolutely for free:

Historical museums of Moscow

  • The Union of Museums “Moscow Museum”
  • English Garden in Kitai-Gorod
  • The Archaeology Museum
  • The Moscow Museum of Defence
  • The Panoramic Museum of the Borodino Battle
  • The State Museum of GULAG-history
  • The “House on the Embankment” Museum
  • The Memorial Complex of the Russian Navy History
  • The Historical Museum Complex “The Tank T-34”
  • The Cosmonaut Memorial Museum
  • The Garden Ring Museum
Kremlin tour

Moscow State Museum on Red Square


Literature and Musical museums of Moscow:

  • The State Pushkin museum

NOT the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

  • The State Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky
  • The State Museum of Vladimir Mayakovsky
  • The Apartment-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva
  • The State Museum of Sergey Esenin
  • The Memorial House and Scientific Library of Gogol
  • The Apartment -Museum of Bulgakov
  • The House of Russian Foreign Community in the memory of Alexander Solzhenitsyn
  • The Moscow Museum of Modern Art
  • The Naive Art Museum
  • The Museum Complex of Multimedia art
  • The Moscow State Watercolour School of Sergey Andriyaka and the Exhibition Centre
  • The Moscow State Painting Gallery of Ilia Glazunov
  • The Moscow State Painting Gallery of Shilov
  • The Moscow State Museum Burganov’s House
  • The Moscow State museum of Vadim Sidur
  • The Moscow State Painting Gallery of Vasily Nesterenko
  • The Museum of Folk Graphics
  • Exhibition Centre “The Museum of Fashion”

Moscow Museums of Natural Sciences

  • The State Darvin museum
  • The State Biology Museum of Timiryazev

The Moscow Complex of Estates and former Tsarist residences

  • The Tsaritsino Museum
  • The state museum of ceramics in Kuskovo
  • Kolomenskoe Museum, Izmailovo museum, Lyublino Park and Lefortovo Park
Moscow sightseeing

Zamoskvorechye area

Moscow tip #3. Metro

Find courage to talk to severe-looking metropolitan women – those selling tickets. There’s a switch to English version in every machine, but don’t let it bribe you: tickets sold there are for maximum two trips and turn out to be more expensive than if buying several trips at a time.

The more trips you buy, the cheaper it gets. Day pass or 3-day pass will be the best option.

Trust the locals: the metropolitan women are actually very nice and will surely understand how many trips you need, as that’s the only necessary thing you need to explain to them. Or else spot a not-hurrying local and more likely than not he/she will be happy to help.

Metro tour in Moscow. How to save money

Moscow metro

Moscow tip #4. Free events

Find low-cost or free events. Russian popular music is rather specific, but is worth listening especially if you are not likely to visit Moscow again next week. Different flea markets, night open-air cinemas and street concerts are better to be found accidentally, which makes an evening stroll romantic.

On our Moscow private tours we design the itinerary for you and advise you where to go and what to see in Moscow on a particular date.

Moscow Kremlin private tour

Jam Festival on Manege Square

Moscow tip #5. Getting around

Get a map. Moscow is like Paris… the city where you dream to get lost. Sometimes. But one day everyone wants to be found and the moment when you take your map out of the pocket and realize that the ancient house you’ve been looking for is – just round the corner – unbelievable. That’s a way to make friends with the city! Map will train your scout skills and save you money on taxi and underground.

Boat tour in Moscow

Moscow river cruise

Moscow tip #6. Cafes

Follow the students. In terms of having a meal these folks are the most informed ones. Cheap but tasty, quick but with bohemian atmosphere, traditional but various foods – this is what most chain restaurants in Moscow offer.

Moscow cafe

Coffee tour in Moscow

Moscow tip #7. Adventure

Just be happy. Coming to Moscow is a huge step towards something new (we promise)! Adventures will find you, sometimes the only key decision is not to plan anything. Who knows, probably you get blessed and a local guide, friendly enough, will show you all the best of Moscow… but that’s a totally different story. Enjoy!

Moscow private tours

Private Moscow guide

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