7 Myths about Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro is arguably the most beautiful subway in the world. However, it is famous not only for it`s beauty, but also for history and… enormous amount of myths!

7 myths about Moscow Metro

1. Rat-mutants

Fun facts about Moscow

Fun facts about Moscow metro, Rat Mutants. Photo: ninjaturtles.ru

They are said to be as big as dogs! They live in the subway tunnels and regularly gnaw cables. Commandos hunt them with flamethrowers. The rumor was born during the restructuring, but was extremely tenacious.

2. Metro-2

How does Moscow metro look like

Fun Facts about Moscow Metro, Metro-2

From the very first days of its existence, the Moscow Metro was the object of civil defense. For example, during World War II it was actively used as a bomb shelter, and after the Second World War new metro stations were constructed as a defense for a possible attack on the Soviet Union, including nuclear. Therefore, the stations are provided with sealed doors that can withstand strong shock wave, and the subway ventilation shafts are equipped with special filters.

At a depth of 50 to 120 meters lies the second, the coded system of  Metro-2 Moscow subway. Metro-2 has four lines, and it has a passage in the Kremlin, through the corridors and offices of the red line of metro. Metro-2 is equipped with everything you need, from food storage to the nuclear button.

According to some sources, this system has another name “D-6” that consists of three main lines with a total length of more than 150 kilometers.

3. Metro dogs

How to use Moscow Metro

Fun Facts about Moscow Metro, Subway Dogs. Photo: антидогхантер.рф

There are supposedly 500 dogs living in the subway. No one knows how well they are oriented in the system of  Moscow metro and what kind of directions they give to tourists. However, it is believed that the dogs have a home in one station and daily commute to work, which is situated in another one.

4. Coffee Ring

Guide to Moscow Metro

Fun Facts about Moscow Metro, Coffee Ring

The first scheme of Moscow Metro looked like a bunch of separate lines. There is a myth about how Joseph Stalin accidentally put a coffee cup on the Metro construction project, which was just the center of the city. The cup left a brown ring stain… allegedly that’s how we got our brown color ring line in Moscow metro. People, drink more coffee, it makes miracles ;)

5. Zodiac Metro

Unusual undergrounds in the world

Fun Facts about Moscow Metro, Zodiac Moscow. Photo: timsviridov.ru

According to some astrologers, each of the 12 stops of the Moscow Ring Line corresponds to a particular sign of the zodiac and divides the city into astrological sector. Kursk metro stop corresponds to Aries , Taganskaya to Taurus, Paveletskaya – Twins, Dobryninskaya – Cancer, Oktyabrskaya – Lion, Park Kultury – Virgo, Kievskaya  – Libra, Krasnopresnenskaya – Scorpio, Belarusskaya – Sagittarius, Novoslobodskaya – Capricorn, Prospekt Mira – Aquarius, Komsomolskaya – Pisces.

Astrologers believe that being in a particular zodiac sector of Moscow for a long time, you attract certain energy and events into your life.

6. Paleontological finds

most beautiful subways in the world

Fun Facts about Moscow Metro, Paleontological finds. Photo: russian7.ru

If you look carefully at red marble-like limestone walls of some of the Metro stations, you can see the petrified inhabitants of ancient seas, corals, snails, shells of ammonites and even sea lilies.

7. Conspiration game

most beautiful underground stations in the world

Fun Facts about Moscow Metro, Conspiracy Game. Photo: cs623929.vk.me

If two people stand at the opposite columns of Metro station Mayakovskaya and one says something to the column, the second will be able to hear the words, even among the noise of the train!

True? Not true? There’s only one way to find out – on our Moscow Metro Tour!

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