6 Most Popular Moscow Places

Moscow travel is much more than vodka, caviar and matryoshka dolls. Imagine the biggest city in the biggest county in the world. Sounds massive, right? So this is what traveling to Moscow is like – massive holidays in Russia! Fill your head with visions of Kremlin cathedrals, Stalin architecture and panoramic views from Ostankino tower. Here are 6 Top Moscow Places to see during your travel to Russia.

  • Moscow Kremlin

Russian history is truly a masterpiece: so gentle, so brutal, so scary and full of hope. Fascinating novel with millions of stories to tell you.

After listening to at least 1% of the stories, take your time to do some exploring around the Kremlin on your own and discover hidden gems that most tourists overlook. Like what? like tiny ornaments, the Secret Garden, the personal helipad of Mr Putin, the views of Christ the Savior Cathedral from the Armory side of the Kremlin, and so much more!

Kremlin tour

Moscow Kremlin

Kremlin tours

Kremlin in winter

  • MSU

Make your way to the Moscow State University early in the morning. This is the most famed, prestigious and architecturally unique university of Russia, and places like this are always a top tourist destination, so you’d better come earlier for best photo ops and crisp morning air. Besides, history lessons are best in the first half of the day, right? A couple of history lessons and lots of fun on our friendly Moscow tours in the morning, afternoon, evening, night – you choose the time!

  • Federation Tower

Explore magic sights Moscow has to offer from the Sixty restaurant on 62nd floor of Federation Tower. With 443 thousand m2 and the height of 374 m, it is the biggest tower in Moscow and the tallest tower in Europe.

By the way, Oko Tower (351 m), Mercury City (338 m) and Eurasia Tower(308 m) take the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th places in Top 5 tallest buildings in Europe.  # 5 is  The Shard (306 m) in London.

  • Christ the Savior Cathedral

Take in the lavish ornamentation of The largest church of the capital of Russia, and the largest Orthodox church in the world.  After that, have a 1 km stroll down Ostozhenka street, the “Golden Mile” of Moscow well worth a walk. Playing host to beautiful architecture, fascinating museums, fancy boutiques and memorial apartments of prominent Russian writers.  It’s also the heart of the city that lies in between the Kremlin and the Gorky Park with all its cultural and social fun of Moscow.

Trendy bars, coffee places and restaurants line the historical Ostozhenka street to rest your feet in between epic sightseeing. Relax.

Attractions in Moscow

Christ the Savior Cathedral

Moscow attractions

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

  • Ostankino TV Tower

The best place to grasp and embrace the size of Moscow with 360 degrees panorama of the Russian capital.

By massive we normally mean famous Russian sizes, scale and scope. The territorial expansion in July 2012 expanded Moscow southwest doubling the area of the city from 1,091 square km (421 sq mi) up to 2,511 square km (970 sq mi). Hard to imagine? Ok, how about this: Milan – 182 square km, Paris – 105 square km, Lisbon 100 square km.

  • St Basil’s Cathedral

It’s easy to see why St Basil’s Cathedral is a UNESCO world heritage site, with its medieval history, Byzantine charm and bonfire-shaped structure rising into the sky like a Christmas lollipop from Walt Disney cartoons. The church has no analogies in the history of Russian architecture. The nation had to pay the cost for this – the genius architect was blinded on Ivan he Terrible orders, so no more masterpieces of this kind. Nowhere in the world. Must-see! Best at night.

Happy night sightseeing on our atmospheric Moscow at night tour with super friendly local guides!


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