5 Safest Countries to Travel to After Coronavirus in 2020

 2020 started with a huge outbreak of coronavirus all over the world. Started in China (Wuhan), it spread across the globe very quickly. People all over the world are self-isolating themselves now and are secretly planning their next vacation. Let’s see where is it safe to travel after lockdown is over.

So far, only a few countries got the small impact and continue to contain the virus on its low level. Therefore, due to its low cases rate, some counties are more likely to recover quicker, than the others. And it makes them more attractive destinations to travel after the coronavirus outbreak will come to an end. Now we will talk about these countries, which are Russia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia and Estonia.

1. Travel to Russia after quarantine

Quarantine in Russia

Currently Russia is doing well in preventing the virus, with timely lockdown of Moscow and forced self-quarantine of its citizens. The quantity of infected is quite low, although Russia and China have a lengthy border.

Is it safe to travel to Russia?

Despite of all the efficient measurements The Russian Federation is taking now, there are few more reasons to consider it as a safe destination for traveling. Due to the vast territory of the country, its areas can boast uniqueness of landscapes, flora and fauna. And, obviously, iconic Moscow and St Petersburg.

2. Travel to Czech Republic after quarantine

In total, 1,497 people have coronavirus in the Czech Republic.

Currently, the Czech Republic has closed its borders to all foreigners, including citizens of the Schengen area. Entry to the Czech Republic is currently impossible under any circumstances.

Quarantine in Czech Republic

As we know, the country has introduced a nationwide quarantine, which has been in effect since March 16. You can’t move without a mask anywhere other than your apartment/house. Due to the quarantine, all cinemas, theaters, gyms, restaurants and cafes, are closed. All stores, educational institutions, including kindergartens, are also closed.

Also, those who are over 65, have to visit the shops from 7 to 9 o’clock in the morning. At this time, citizens of other ages are not allowed to visit stores. Private vehicles are allowed to travel only in an emergency.

Is it safe to travel to Czech Republic?

Due to the efficient measurements, that a country has been implementing and the possibility to contain the spread at its slow pace, Czech Republic will be a safe place to visit as well. Also, China is willing to strengthen cooperation with the Czech Republic in fighting against the coronavirus pandemic.

Czech military plane carrying 150,000 testing kits as well as masks and respirators brought from China last week. With efficient and timely cooperation, the country may not deal with severe consequences of the virus in future and will be a safe place to be.

3. Travel to Slovenia after quarantine

Quaratine in Slovenia

A total of 442 people were affected by the coronavirus in Slovenia. The Slovenian authorities had previously declared a pandemic, after which, in order to fight the outbreak of the coronavirus, the public transportation as well as air traffic has been under lockdown. Under the threat of fines, locals can only leave the house only for work, to a store or pharmacy.

According to the Slovenian news Agency STA, the country took the necessary measures as soon as the virus began to spread outside of China in late January. The Employees received instructions on how to take self-defense measures and ensure the use of disinfectants.

Is it safe to travel to Slovenia?

Slovenian Minister of economic development and technology Zdravko Pochivalsek said that the company took timely measures to protect the health of all its employees. Slovenia has one of the smallest number of coronavirus cases in the world.

Bordering with four very popular countries-Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary—Slovenia is a lovely destination. This multicultural country has a lot to offer, from caves and peaceful rural villages to trendy cities like Ljubljana. Therefore, after the pandemic it will be an amazing place to visit.

4. Travel to Slovakia after quarantine

Quaratine in Slovakia

On March 6, when the number of the cases rose to 204, the country took several measures:

  • All flights from Slovak international airports to Italy banned.
  • School trips and excursions are prohibited.
  • Travelers at airports will have to have their temperatures taken.
  • No visiting patients in all hospitals and social assistance institutions.

Moreover, the national center for medical information in Slovakia recommends that residents use prescription services and limit doctor visits. With an electronic prescription, people can simply call their doctor on the phone and ask for a prescription, which they can then pick up at any pharmacy.

To Is it safe to travel to Slovakia?

Slovakia is a country with an amazing land of national parks, forests, mountains, valleys and rivers. The most attractive destinations are the capital city of Bratislava and the High Tatras. The most of foreign visitors come from the Czech Republic (26%), Poland (15%) and Germany (11%). But the majority of all visitors are Slovaks (60%, about 3 million). Therefore, as this country does not get too many foreign travelers on a yearly basis, after the CoVid-19 pandemic it will be quite calm and pleasant place to travel to.

5. Travel to Estonia after quarantine

Quaratine in Estonia

Estonia now has 369 confirmed cases. On March, 24 the list of new quarantine measures have been introduced by the government Commission on the state of emergency in Estonia. For example, from March 27 shopping centers got closed, with the exception of grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and other life-support businesses located in them. Catering establishments and bars must close at 22 o’clock.

Since March 25, no more than two people can gather together in a public place, except for members of the same family and people performing official duties.

In addition, you must keep a distance of at least two meters in all public places that remain open. In operating stores, you must ensure the availability of disinfectants. The need to maintain the new requirements will stay in place for two more weeks later.

Is it safe to travel to Estonia?

Estonia, as well as Slovakia and Slovenia, is unaffected by mass tourism. Sometimes when you travel across Europe, you see that some of the cites are over-populated, even saturated. But going to Estonia might be a totally different experience.  The West side of the country has the big open spaces, few people. The country has five national parks and several other natural reserves or protected areas.

Currently, the world is facing a really difficult task, common enemy  – CoVid-19. With the huge amount of funds and effective measures, we hope that the pandemic will soon come to an end. And you already know where to go!

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