What to See in 3 days in Moscow

3 days in Moscow are enough to feel like a local.

Discover the lingering grandeur of the city of Dukes, Princes, Tsars, Emperors, Communist leaders and Presidents

Here are 10 things to do in Moscow in 3 days.

What to see in Moscow?

When you have 3 days in Moscow, you feel that your bucket list is enough to keep you busy for a month.

When you hear non-stop “Oh you trip to Moscow cannot be completed unless you visit…” the only feeling you get is frustration: what is MORE worth visiting, so I wouldn’t regret later for having chosen it? We can help you get a slice of Moscow life. This itinerary will not only help you get rid of stress during your vacation, but will include most of the must-dos and must-sees and even can help you save your money. Get ready to make your most in Moscow in three days, and you will never feel that your vacation is left incomplete.

Kremlin tour Moscow

Moscow Kremlin

The itinerary we offer includes the following MUST-SEE places:

  • Red Square
  • The Kremlin
  • Kitai Gorod
  • Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
  • Arbat street
  • Gorky park
  • Muzeon Park
  • Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
  • Sparrow hills
  • Boulevard Ring

It consists of several routes that start from the city center. The only thing left for you to do is to choose the route you like most. Along the route you will find great local cafes and breakfast places. Moscow has a good collection of Vegetarian cafes. If you are a gourmand, then our Moscow Food tour is just for you.

Moscow cafes

Cozy cafe in Moscow

Day 1 in Moscow

Tverskaya street has been one of the most important streets in Moscow. It was significant for the whole of Russia when the capital was moved to Saint Petersburg, and the street was used by tsars to get to their former residence. This road was served first with inns and small restaurants, which gave birth to fashionable hotels and luxury shops that are located there now.

It leads directly to Red Square, but for us it’s more interesting to take the left turn and go into the arch to the house number 3, where beautiful house can be found. It is Savvinskoe podvorie. It used to stand closer to the road, but in the Soviet period of our history many houses were moved to be saved from bombing. This building weighs 24 tons and was moved in a night, what’s even more interesting: people were in. This building is among the first houses where cinematograph became popular: wealthy owner let his guests watch the very first black-and-white movies, and after it all the people could discuss the movie over a cup of tea.

Next turn will take us to the famous Kamergersky side-street. It is now full of cafes and theatres, in one word it is quite a fashionable district. The French coming to Moscow in the 19th century used to settle down here, one of the hotels founded by Frenchmen “Chevalier” is now almost completely destroyed. Prominent people like Leo Tolstoy and Teofil Gaultier used to stay here. That’s why all the facades remind us of the French architecture. Young philosophers used to gather together here and did this until the Revolution, although they and their ideas played very little part in the Revolution itself.

Things to do in Moscow

St Basil’s Cathedral

If you turn right from the side-street, you will enjoy the view of the famous Bolshoi Opera-house, which holds Russian and international ballet performances and operas. Russian ballet is famous throughout the world, and Bolshoi is the place where every ballerina dreams to perform.

Crossing the street will take you to the Kitai Gorod, which is sometimes called China-town of Moscow, because Kitai in Russian means China. Actually it has nothing to do with China town, as well as Red Square has absolutely nothing to do with the red colour. More about it later. Kitai Gorod is called that way only because its walls were made of bushes called Kita.

GUM department store stands on the border between Kitai Gorod and Red Square, separating market area from the touristic centre of Moscow. After visiting the Kremlin you may attend the Changing of the guard ceremony (every half an hour), which is going to be sweet ending of the route.

BONUS: To the left from the Kitai Gorod there is a grand building – the Central Kids’ World, a famous toy-shop built by Khruschev. It’s been under reconstruction for many years, but we like it now for its observation point on its roof. It’s free! Perfect opportunity to see Moscow from the top!

What to do in Moscow

Moscow parks and gardens

Day 2 in Moscow

If we still start from the street Tverskaya, it is time for us to visit the Tverskoy boulevard. It is just one of the ten boulevards that make up the Boulevard ring. They go one after another and make a ring of astonishing gardens that used to be a wall in the 1770-1780. The city kept growing, and the boulevards became favourite place to have a walk for every Muscovite. In 1978 the Boulevard Ring became a memorial of the garden design.

Theatres along the boulevard are connected to the name of the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, the monument to whom is standing at the beginning of the Tverskoy boulevard. After this boulevard there goes another one called Nikitsky boulevard. There is a house of Arctic explorers in this boulevard. To the right – the famous Arbat street, one of the oldest and the most true Russian streets in Moscow. It has its own atmosphere of entertainers, street artists and musicians. Since 1736 Arbat street is known for its aristocratic citizens. Among them – Alexander Pushkin, Leo Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov and Nikolay Gogol – the most prominent Russian writers. It starts from the oldest cinema theater in Russia, which is called Khudozhestvenny and stretches to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – one of the 7 Stalin Sisters (read about them here.

Moscow attractions

Leningradskaya Hilton Hotel

Turn left to the Denezhny lane and then go along Prechistenka street, or just return to the boulevard – it is now the beginning of the Gogol boulevard! At the end of it or Prechistenka street you will enjoy the enormous Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, which is the biggest church in Russia and can hold 10 000 people. The Cathedral is an “official headquarters” of the Moscow Patriarchy and has a very interesting history that includes a delayed project of a 30-meter high statue of Lenin and a swimming pool on the site. If you are interested – one of our friendly local guides will surely feed your curiosity!

You have two options here, both very nice. Either go to the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, which is to the left from the Cathedral, or just go round the church and on to Muzeon park.

It stretches to the Krymsky bridge, where the famous Gorky Park starts. In the Muzeon you can visit a department of the State Tretyakov gallery, but be careful: museums don’t work on Mondays.

Moscow sights

Stalin skyscraper

Day 3 in Moscow

As an experienced traveler, you might feel rather confident after two days of non-stop exploring the city. That’s why there are options for your 3rd day in Moscow:

Either it is going to be a relaxing day in one of the parks on Sparrow hills, which includes a view over the Moskva-river, or visiting the places you are already acquainted with for deeper cultural immersion: Gorky Park that provide movies under open sky in summer and skating rinks in the winter time.

Get acquainted with legends about Russia’s bohemian theatrical elite, visit places like Bulgakov’s house or Chekhov’s apartment-museum – those related to the famous Russian writers and their novels.

Our favorite grand parks offer plenty of opportunities to spend the whole day there. You can find more if you use the following links:

Kolomenskoe, and Izmailovo parks are treasure-houses of traditional and authentic Russian identity. Shapkas, Matryoshkas and Balalaikas are all here waiting to be bought and treasured. Tsaritsino is a real gem, as it combines it all: history, gardens, palaces, nature and architecture.

Enjoy your hot honey-based drink called “medovukha” or take part in traditional Russian pair dance, just visit a flea market or listen to bell sounds on top of the churches – lots of unique experience for you on every corner.

3 days in Moscow

Moscow at night

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