20 Tips on How to Get Popular on TikTok in 2020

If you are looking for fame, we are here to help you get popular on TikTok. It’s really easy and requires mainly your imagination. TikTok app has become a big trend recently. Therefore, here are 20 tips on how to get popular on TikTok in 2020.

how to get popular on TikTok
Use a chance to get popular on TikTok

Tip #1 Consistency

Create videos at least twice a week. Your audience needs entertainment. But in order to get followers, you have to show loyalty on your side. Moreover, the app might give your profile a boost for views if you maintain creating new content.

Tip #2 Travel

If you want to make super exclusive TikTok videos, make them in different places! Travelling has always attracted viewers, so the more you travel the more followers you’ll get. You can start from the closest city or go internationally. It all depends on your personal circumstances. But wherever you go, people will definitely be eager to see how you travel.

Tip #3 Keep in touch

Your account and videos are not the only thing the followers are looking for. People seek interaction; therefore, if you want to get popular, you need to be ready not only to read the comments, but correspond accordingly. You might also add some personal tone, funny or catchy, your go.

Tip #4 Choose soundtrack wisely

Girl watches videos on phone
Use popular hits for your videos

Want your video to give the right vibes and spark more interest? Then always choose wisely the soundtrack. Luckily, nowadays there is plenty to choose from. You can try popular hits, to attract more followers, or something well-known like Queen, to awake the feeling of nostalgia.

Tip #5 Spread the word

Your Instagram or Snapchat accounts might be quite useful for growing popularity on TikTok. Not only you can invite your already loyal followers but use another app as an advertising platform. As in a good marketing campaign, the more ads the better. Especially when it’s a well targeted audience.

Tip #6 Teens

According to statistics, about 42 percent of TikTok users are teenagers. It’s a good explanation for app’s quick popularity growth and a nice hint for you. Teenagers love action, drama and hype, which gives you tons of opportunity for your videos. So whatever you choose to do, whether it’s singing or juggling, always remember that it needs to be a show.

Tip #7 Neutrality

Besides age try keeping your account gender neutral. Although about 55.4 percents of TikTok users considered to be males and only 44.6 are females, it would be better not to differentiate the gender tone within your content. Moreover, with nowadays trend you’d better avoid any misunderstandings such differentiations might create. You want to get popular on TikTok but at the same time you want it to be done the right way.

Tip #8 Timing

As with the other apps, it’s important to use the right timing for your posts. Average TikTok user spends about 54 minutes a day in the app and that is mostly during the second half of the day. Considering the major part of the audience being teenagers you would want to avoid posting during school time. Besides, people tend to gather with friends in the evenings meaning the bigger chance for sharing your video firsthand.

Tip #9 Learn languages

Learn new languages for TikTok
If you want to get popular, learn a few foreign phrases

TikTok is international app and today its availability spreads up to almost 160 countries. While it’s watched all over the world you might consider learning new languages. There are 75 languages the app is available in, more than enough to choose from. Try to read a poem in another language, it could even become your theme for the videos.

Tip #10 Keep checking

Get used to checking your app once in a while. Although we mentioned that the most active time for followers might be evening, you have to keep in mind the time zones. You can’t make those comments waiting for more than 2-3 hours, so keep checking for updates.

Tip #11 Dress up

If you don’t know how to add fun to your videos, here is an idea for you. Have any Halloween costumes from the past years? You got it right. Dress up! You might use old costume or make one yourself. From Star Wars to homemade Mummy, whatever you decide will definitely add more fun to the video and you’ll definitely get popular on TikTok.

Tip #12 60 seconds

The videos created with TikTok app are limited to one minute, making it some kind of unspoken rule for the length of all videos within the app. Although, users can upload the longer videos, the audience attention is already programmed for those first 60 seconds. Use your creativity and keep it short but impressive.

Tip #13 Become a Chef

Becoming a chef can be a good theme for TikTok
Try cooking as an idea for your videos

It’s not only about singing and dancing, people tend to do all variety of things on TikTok. Cooking is among popular ones. And it doesn’t matter if your cooking skills are good or bad, because in each case the outcome will be efficient. You’re either going to impress your followers or make them laugh. Choose your preference.

Tip #14 Right hashtags

Don’t underestimate the power of hashtags. Although, make sure that you are using the right ones. Try to conduct a small research for new trends each week. Then you need to come up with a list of according hashtags. As a result, your videos will be coming up with each search request. Requires some work but could be worth it.

Tip #15 Dump perfectionism

The video and sound still need to be perfect but your performance can have a number of flaws. It doesn’t always matter how good you are singing but how much you are trying. In other words, when people see mistakes it’s easier for them to relate to the video. And it’s still about fun, right?

Tip #16 Challenges

One of the ways to get popular on TikTok is to participate in challenges. Actually, that’s how it started. Many people remember the viral challenge with gummy bears. You can go with a flow and participate in trending challenges or you can stand out and create your own challenge.

Tip #17 Duet

Collaboration has been favorable across all platforms and TikTok is not an exception here. In TikTok it’s called “duet”. Basically, it means creating with another person a split-screen type of video. The duet can be with your friend or celebrity. It can be created as a joke or a challenge.

Tip #18 Self-care

Although humor and parody currently dominate on TikTok, there is a new trend coming up. New generation tends to be way more socially aware, therefore there are more posts related to mental health and self-care. You might have heard about #youcancrychallenge promoted by number of influencers. Join it and become a part of something important.

Tip #19 Be friends

This one is not about following or dueting. Have a look at Holy H with almost 17 million followers. In TikTok community she is known as Best friend or Big sister. So be open to your audience and create the difference by listening and sharing. There are thousands of lonely teenagers in search for attention and understanding. Therefore, become a virtual friend for them and you’ll have the most loyal followers ever.

Tip #20 Go Live

And last but not least tip for you. Try to go Live at least once a week, it will help you collect maximum feedback from your followers. You can use it as a chance to find what type of videos your viewers love the most and even inspire you for new ones. The sign of personal attention always sparks gratitude and stronger connection.

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