20 Reasons to Visit Los Angeles in 2020

Welcome to Los Angeles, California!  The City of Angels that never sleeps and where sun shines 284 days a year. If that doesn’t sound impressive, we have come up with 20 reasons to visit Los Angeles (unless you want to visit Russia).

Over 130 nations speaking 200 languages come here to pursue their American dream! No wonder why it’s one of the best cities for traveling that attracts millions of tourists every year.

Let’s see why visit LA and what makes LA so popular!

why visit LA
Hollywood Walk of Fame, LA

1. Hollywood Walk of Fame 2020

The first and only street in the world that attracts so many tourists is Hollywood Walk of Fame. The reason for it is that there is a public viewing area with no commission fee where the Hall of Fame Ceremony takes place.

For instance, the upcoming event is on January, 17th: international music artist Andy Madadian will be honored with the 2 684th star on the Walk of Fame. Andy is the world’s beloved musician that released 15 albums in fusion style.

2. Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier is over 100-year-old landmark that is popular amongst residents as well as the tourists. This Pier is a double-joint construction with areas for yoga, fishing, viewing with an amusement park in the center.

Tons of event are held there every day such as jogging marathons, yoga sessions and the most beloved “All You Can Eat Ice Cream Fest”. On January, 18th the ex-governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger presents the Arnold Strongman USA Competition where the strongest firefighters compete.

It’s one of our most favorite reasons to visit Los Angeles because we simple love Santa Monica vibe and all it offers.

3. Venice Beach

 A luxury beach front district with bohemian atmosphere and eccentric spirit. The beach broad walk is always stuffed with the graffiti artists, body builders, musicians and pamphleteers.

Every day you can find something fun to see there. For instance, Don’t Tell Venice Beach 2.22.2020 – the top stand-up comedy event in a secret spot of Venice Beach, the must-see for stand-up lovers.

4. The Getty Center

The unique architecture masterpiece located on a hill. Wonderful viewpoint where LA is seen at its best. Also, it is a cultural center founded by Paul Getty.

Every season some new exhibitions are being presented for the visitors. On February, 22nd Getty invites families to Art Odyssey for Families. The 45-minute program of the ancient art including teamwork activities for kids and parents.

5. Rodeo Drive

If you are still not persuaded and wonder why visit LA – think of glam and glitz. Do you recall Julia Roberts shopping in “Pretty Woman”? This where she did it. Rodeo drive is the luxury boutique and designer store center. You cannot avoid visiting at least couple of them if you like to travel in style.

6. Disneyland

The 64-year-old Disneyland of California welcomes thousands of families from all over the world every year. It consists of two parks. You will meet all favorite characters there; the recent arrival is The Star Wars-themed Galaxy Edge.

The Walt Disney’s first park is packed with must-see attractions on nine areas. A lot of events happen there. The upcoming one is Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession from January 17th to February 9th. Celebrate New Year in Chinese style with your beloved characters.

7. Museum of Jurassic Technology

It is not some kind of dinosaur attraction as you may think. It is a full-fledged museum of curiosities hidden behind mysterious window-free storefront. You can find scientific wonders and artistic miracles such as Soviet-Armenian refugee who made impossibly tiny sculptures, or a bat who can fly through the walls.

On February, 5th Museum invites you to the Evening of Romanian, Moldovan and Jewish music performed by the Cory Beers Cimbalom Ensemble.

8. Los Angeles Conservancy Walking Tour

Every Saturday Downtown LA’s rich history comes alive on a special tour that will bring you through the most interesting buildings, squares and parks of the Financial District.

One of the most fascinating tours is on July 22nd – California in the 70’s: The Mindset, The Materials, The Architects. The dawn of modern architecture with massive and circular shapes, innovative space experience created by such architects as Frank Gehry, Charles Moore, Cesar Pelli – you will learn about it and more during the tour.

9. The Broad

The brand-new museum grand opening just happened in LA. As usual it’s a big deal and causes an hour entry line waiting. But it’s totally worth it. Yayoi Kusama has made Infinity Mirrored Room – the surrealistic space made of LEDs.

The viewers are transported into pulsating and twinkling starfield where they dive into the 4th dimension. There is an admission-free event from October 19th 2018 to February 15th 2020 – Shirin Nishat: I Will Greet the Sun Again. Three documentary films by Sophie Chahinian dedicated to Iranian women living in the world ruled by men, in exile, facing the odds towards their freedom of expression.

Art and museums are 2 reasons to visit Los Angeles that are gaining popularity among bloggers and content creators.

10. Walt Disney Concert Hall

Designed by Frank Gehry, this $274-million crown jewel of LA opened its doors in 2003 and is still quite a venue. Open platform stage and capacity of 2265 seats makes Disney Hall a terrific Music Center where the world-famous artists perform.

On March 1st the Chieftains with the Goodbye Tour followed by Patty Smith and her band March 6th – these are one of the most fascinating upcoming concerts. This Hall is perfect for orchestra, por and rock music thank to elaborated construction for the best acoustics.

11. The Grove

The open-air mall where you shop till you drop, as they say. 50 top-brand stores with not up to the roof prices. Also, you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables at the Original Farmer’s Market – the historic place, set up in 1934.

Every week The Grove invites audience to the special performances. For example, Living in Color: What’s Funny About Me. The star of the 1990s series Living In Color comedian Davidson tells his story of his life, his rise to fame and struggle with addictions. Starts February 3rd at 7 pm.

12. Farmer’s Market Small-Group Food Walking Tour

Here’s the deal: book a spot in a small group of people who know what delicious food is. Available every month, find out details at the website of Farmer’s Market.

The Tour includes food and beverage sampling, local guide, walking tour where a guide tells you historic facts about the district, architecture, residents, local food and traditions. This is a chance to see LA through the eyes of locals and taste American food.

If nothing else, food and culture is always a good idea and both sound reasons to visit Los Angeles.

13. Amoeba Record Store

This is the largest independent record store in USA. It is literally crammed with various vinyl and CDs. If you are a desperate music fan who struggles to find specific tracks from 80s, this is where you should go.

However, it’s not only a store. It’s also a label that supports independent local musicians. The upcoming concert under The Amoeba Event Ltd will be on January 24th – King Princess (Michaela Strauss) in Koreatown.

14. Tame Impala in The Forum

One of the most anticipated events of 2020 is the concert of Tame Impala. It’s Australian psychedelic multi-instrumental project, Grammy nominee of 2012 (album Lonerism).

Their first album Innerspeaker was released on May 12th 2010 and was acclaimed by critics and auditory. They present their fourth album Let It Happen in the Forum on March 10th.

15. Mulholland Drive Cruise

If you are looking for a joyride you must book a cruise down Mulholland Drive. David Linch has made this road famous, however it’s all about make-out points.

You can drive it all way down in less than an hour on your own or book a 2-hour tour that includes filming location such as “Sister Act”, “Pretty Woman”, luxury villas of celebrities, Beverly Hills, the Hollywood sign and hills and more. The small open bus takes tourists on board every day 365 days a year from 10 am to 4 pm at 1708 N. McCadden.

16. Stand-up Comedy

You cannot leave LA without stopping by a stand-up club. Tickle up your funny bones in the best comedy clubs of LA: Dynasty Typewriter and UCB Theatre for the avant-garde comedy and familiar sitcom faces; Lough Factory, Improv, Largo – for more traditional comedy.

On January 16th Dynasty Typewriter presents stand-up “Kaufmania” starring legendary comic Andy Kaufman. In 1999 Jim Carrie portrayed Kaufman in Milos Forman’s movie “Man on the Moon”.

17. Philippe The Original

The oldest fast-food restaurant in California established in 1918. Philippe The Original is famous for its French Dipped Sandwich, that was created by accident when making a sandwich for a policeman Matthew Phillipe and a sliced French roll accidentally dropped into a roasting pan filled with hot juices from the oven

The policeman asked to give him a sandwich anyway, the next day he returned and asked for more.  On January 21st the Taco Tour will take you through the hottest and delicious spots of LA including Philippe The Original. The Tour takes place a few days a week till April 2nd.

18. Griffith Observatory

For some, Griffith Observatory is #1 reason why visit LA – to gaze at the stars from the Art Deco Observatory built in 1935. On October 27th 2020 you can catch Admission Free Tuesday that runs through Sunday. A great chance to explore exhibits, look through the telescopes and enjoy the marvelous view of LA and Hollywood sign.

The Observatory is located in Griffith Park on the southern slope of Hollywood Mountain – the best spot for observing the LA landscape.

19. Hollywood Bowl

This is a gorgeous open-air amphitheater that has been hosting the most interesting philharmonic and rock concerts since 1922. It is located on Hollywood Hills and offers 18 000 seats where you can have a picnic and enjoy the show at the same time.

On June 19th the world-famous song writer and singer Alanis Morrisette plays your favorite hits. Don’t miss out on a ticket sale that already started on December 13th.

20. Flaming Lips Concert

The alternative neo-psychedelic project Flaming Lips first got together in 1983 in Oklahoma. Since then they became the representatives of dream-pop sound. Whimsical and diverse shows rich in magnificent props, costumes and lights are the signature of this Grammy awarded collective. On Wednesday June 17th 2020 Flaming Lips will perform on the stage of The Wiltern Theatre.

Music and performances are 2 big reasons to visit Los Angeles. After all, LA is soaked in La La Land spirit.

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