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If you are actively plotting a trip to Russia, rest assured this trip will bring you the most vivid memories! And we will make sure you know why visit Russia in 2016. We’ll advise you the most popular Moscow attractions. You’ll see must-see buildings. And bring home a lot of memorable photos and fun facts about Russia. Here are…


15 interesting facts about Russia to help you plan your Russian tour better.

1. Russia has a long history, deep-rooted traditions and a strong heritage. Here are a couple of travel ideas you can include in your bucket list: Moscow has become a pilgrimage site for a historical festival Times and Epochs, held annually in Kolomenskoe Museum-Reserve in June, while St Petersburg is home to Scarlet Sailsan annual celebration of school graduates in St. Petersburg. It is taking place in late June, in the midst of the White Nights at the Palace Square, the Neva River, the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island and the Palace Embankment, accompanied by a concert of popular musicians in the city center.. Your local guide and friend will advise you which events are worth a visit and which to skip on your Moscow St Petersburg tours.


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Cathedrals in Russia

2. The city with its regal Peter-the-Great-era palaces is chic and charming! By the way, it is thanks to Peter the Great that Russia got the balls in the 18th century. Even last-minute guests can get into the Tsar’s ball in St Petersburg. Imagine costume balls in the historical traditions of the 19 century. Yelagin Palace Museum holds the balls on a monthly basis for different age groups, for both children and adults.


3. Bursting with history and culture, the city of Sergiev Posad promises you a unique experience. Tour ancient architecture on a Golden Ring tour, take in the local traditional vibe in this small Russian town or just relax with a hot tea or a cool drink in one of the oldest places of Russia.

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Ponds in Moscow

4. Russia is by far the most exotic country to visit in terms of climate, weather and nature’s variety. The temperatures vary from -50С (-58F) in Siberia to +40C (104F) all around Russia. The absolute minimum -71C (-96F) was in Oymyakon, Siberia, and that is the worldwide lowest temperature ever in a human settlement. But life in life Oymyakon doesn’t stop, despite the cold. According to Siberian newspapers, residents are busy with their routine activities. Some drivers leave the motors constantly on fearing that a car could never start again. Horses are not afraid to stay in the open air, but constantly move to keep warm.  Here are some more jaw-dropping facts about Siberia.

5. While winter is not the most likely seasons for visiting Russia, your trip will be deeply rewarding if you come in Christmas time or in the early January. This winter 2015-2016 Moscow alone will hold 48 Christmas markets and festivals all around the city with downtown as the saturated epicenter of the Fun. It’s interesting to know that New Year was not always celebrated in winter in Russia. In the 15-17th centuries the New Year Day was not January 1, but September 1! Peter the Great put a lot of efforts to break the old-fashioned way and start a new tradition.

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Armory in Moscow Kremlin

6. Speaking of Peter I, his Armory alone merits a visit to Russia. First mentioned in 1547, the Armory is part of the Kremlin and features about 4000 monuments of arts and crafts of Russia and Eastern Europe from the 4th to the beginning of 20th century. The sophisticated artistic level and immense historical value brought the Moscow Kremlin Armory international fame.

7. For the history and culture of native Slavs in ancient times, head to the State Historical Museum in Moscow. Museum chronicles the life of prehistoric tribes that lived on the territory of present-day Russia and features over 4 million articles. More Russia facts if you are interested in Russian geography.

Here are 8 fun facts “Russia in numbers” that our local Moscow guide Dasha collected for you.

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Russia in numbers

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