12 Best Breakfasts in St. Petersburg

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day if you’re in St Petersburg, because they take food seriously here and we personally believe it’s a coffee capital of Russia. Whether it’s “Pink chocolate”, “Pumpkin Rosemary” or “Russians in Bangkok”, you’ll find them all in breakfasts in St. Petersburg.

Here are the 12 best breakfast places in Saint Petersburg ranging from Russian breakfasts, French breakfasts, Thai, Vienna, Stockholm, English and Italian breakfasts, porridge places, royal restaurants for extra Russian hospitality, rooftop cafes, breakfast cafes with stunning city views, and just happy places where you come to feel like home.


James Cook

James Cook Pub is known for its big portions, hot pastry and Times newspapers. Come here for a delicious buffet breakfast (7.30-10.00) or European breakfast (9.00-12.00). The semicircular brick arches, oak tables, sofas, wicker chairs will surely transport you to the atmosphere of an English pub.

If you’re an adventurous type, they have 12 types of beer and 70 (!) types of whiskey. Let’s kick this day!

Address: Kamenoostrovsky Prospect, 45.

breakfast cafe in St Petersburg

Photo by James Cook Pub & Cafe St Petersburg

Coffee Station

The coffee place opens at 8.00 am and is extremely popular for its… porridges! Bonus: cacao, coffee and fruit are free if you order a porridge. Every week there are public readings and tasting of coffee in Coffee Station. One of the features of the coffee shop is colorful cups. Each type of coffee is served in a particular cup with its own shape and color: cappuccino, for example, is served in large red cups.

But if you are not a coffee or porridge lover, then tasty croissants and fruit smoothies will melt your heart.

Address: Nekrasova street, 26.

best coffee places in st petersburg

Photo by Coffee Station Cafe St Petersburg


To travel around Russia and not to taste Russian tsar traditional meals is a nonsense. Once you open a menu, you go on a tasty journey through the era, and each dish is a masterpiece. Everything here reflects traditions of Russian hospitality, and each menu item has its own story.

Enjoy the most Russian pancakes with any kinds of fillings to your taste, from mushrooms to honey to sour cream, berry juices will cheer you up and Russian traditional hospitable atmosphere will make your day. You will come back, definitely.

Address: Sadovaya, 12.

Russian traditional restaurant in St Petersburg

Photo by Tsar Restaurant St Petersburg

Du-Nord 1834

This French café is perfect for early-birds as it opens at 5.00 am and features specialty breakfasts till 1 PM specially for night owls. There are 6 kinds of breakfasts to choose from (if that’s not too much to ask at 5 am) which are named in honor of world-known capitals: “Moscow”, “London”, “Stockholm” , “Viena”, “Paris” and “Du Nord” (of course!).

There is also special children’s breakfast sandwich with chocolate and banana, cornflakes with milk, yogurt and sausages. But the most unique thing about this place is the fact that you feel the real vibe of France here, here in the middle of St Petersburg, the Venice of the North.

Address: Ligovsky prospest, 41/83.

breakfast in st petersburg

Photo by Du Nord Restaurant St Petersburg


“Happiness for the whole day” is the motto and the purpose of this café. And happiness starts with a beautiful breakfast. Usually breakfast time is from 8 till 12, but here you can have breakfast at any time whenever you have your breakfast. The decadent deserts and the coziest interior in town will want you extend your breakfast till dinner.

Address: Rubinshtein street, 15/17.

coziest places in St Petersburg

Photo by Happiness Bar & Restaurant – Schastye St Petersburg

Long Tail

If you prefer an exotic touch, this place is right for you. Traditional morning meals are served and prepared with exotic fruits, avocado, mango or coconut, caramel biscuits or muffins topped with lemon juice. “Breakfast in Chinese village” is a good choice of a combo breakfast in Long Tail. Or maybe “Russians in Bangkok”, anyone?

Address: Nevsky prospect, 92.

Oriental, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai cafe in St Petersburg

Photo by Long Tail – Dlinny Khvost Restaurant St Petersburg

Coffee 22

Coffee is always a good idea especially with a generous choice of 22 kinds of it. Forget about “Latte vs Cappuccino” dilemma, up your game! This variety will blow your mind. start with signature cocktails ”Halva”, “Pink chocolate” or “Pumpkin Rosemary” and see where it’ll take you.

Address: Kazanskaya street, 22.

best coffee shops in st petersburg

Photo by Coffee 22 Cafe St Petersburg


Homemade breakfasts with Franco-Dutch touch are available at this cozy place from 10 to 12. Indulge in a Dutch sandwich porridge with fruit, yogurt with honey and fresh berries, eggs with bacon and pumpkin, Dutch pancakes or French omelet. Fresh juice, coffee or tea is free. Moreover, big panorama windows, light interior and comfy armchairs will set the tone for a positive day!

Address: Kolomenskaya street. 29.

coziest cafes in st petersburg

Photo by Philibert Restaurant St Petersburg


This place is perfect for both kind of guests: those who like “coffee+croissant” type of breakfasts and those who like to have a “big meal” in the morning. Hot toasts with home-made jam and croissant with chicken, vanilla cottage cheese with strawberries or mix of salads from fresh vegetables – how does it sound?

Address: Nevskey prospect, 166.

french cafes in St PEtersburg

Photo by Jean Jacques Cafe

Meet, Joe

Good breakfast with a good book is a good beginning of the day. And breakfast at a book store is simply classic. “Podpisnye isdaniya” is the book store where you can have a tasty breakfast while reading books and taking notes. Hidden down from noisy Saint Petersburg streets, this place is so cute that you can spend there a whole day reading books, watching rain outside, watching people or planning your life.

Address: Liteyniy prospect, 57.

coffee shop in St Petersburg

Photo by Meet, Joe St Petersburg

Loft project “Etagi”

No wonder, Saint P is famous for its beautiful roofs. What about having breakfast on one? Creative place with a creative breakfast, what can be more inspirational?

Address: Ligovskiy prospect, 74.

best breakfast places in st petersburg

Photo by Etagi Loft Project St Petersburg

I’m Thankful for Today

If you’ve come to St Petersburg for aristocratic views and inspiration, head to this restaurant. Panoramic windows are open all summer, so you can enjoy sunny days and watch the city go crazy. Stunning views of Griboedov Channel, too! You can thank us later.

Address: Gorohovaya street, 32.

Best coffee in st petersburg

Photo by Coffeeroom Spb

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