11 Reasons to Travel to Moscow in Winter

Moscow is a friendly city, but “Moscow in winter” is a different story.

As a beautiful lady, it dresses in white and shines, as night starts earlier and street lights are sparkling along the famous Moscow Boulevard Ring.



We 1000% understand that when you say you are going to visit Russia in winter, your friends might look at you as if you are crazy. It’s cold! Yes, it is. But believe us, in winter Moscow is gorgeous and offers so many fun things to do!

Are you with us?


moscow in winter

Visiting Moscow in winter


11 reasons to travel to Moscow in winter

  1. 45 skating rinks will be open in Moscow from the glamorous one like on Red Square to simply huge and massive like the ice rinks in most of the Moscow parks. Some of them are served with Figure skating schools both for kids and adults. The most prominent of them are the skating rink in the Gorky park, in Sokolniki, on Red Square and in VDNKh with its largest skating rink in Moscow so far. The list can be continued! SO if you were thinking what to do in Moscow at night – explore at least three skating rinks and feel the real Russian winter!
  2. The skating rink in VDNKh will turn for the first time into a large display and is going to broadcast beautiful shining patterns. Don’t miss it! VDNKh (or VVC) park itself is a hit on all our Moscow tours.
  3. This winter Moscow will see Russia’s longest slide, which is to appear right in the city centre – between Manege square and Revolution square. This slide is going to be about 7 meters high and around 100 meters long. This is a part of the festival “A journey to Christmas”. Our FLG team is going to check it, will you join us?
  4. In winter 2015-2016 Moscow city will host the festival “A journey to Christmas”, which includes lots of winter activities. 428 small souvenir market shops plan to open due to this occasion, as well as a number of dancing and singing fountains. Just imagine: smell of hot mulled wine, hot cocoa, Russian medovukha, snowflakes and everything – that’s just a fairytale. You will know who Snegurochka is and where she and the Russian Father Frost live!
    GUM in Moscow

    GUM in Moscow


    things to do in moscow

    Bustling Moscow in winter


    what to do in moscow

    Winter vacations in Moscow


  5. This winter in Moscow you will have an amazing opportunity to enjoy live ballet performances of Russian ballerinas in the streets of Moscow! In the daytime there will be the charming Nutcracker ballet performances in the streets, and in the evenings – the legendary Snow Lake!
  6. Only this 2015-2016 winter in Moscow the traditional light festival “The circle of light” becomes the unique “Christmas light”! There are already several areas ready for the stunning laser show, experts from all over the world took part in making it ready for everyone coming to Moscow this winter!
  7. Special event: visit the funny fairy tale “Roboyolka”, performed by robots. This year it is going to be the Snow White fairy tale! Lots of contests both for kids and adults will never leave you indifferent.
  8. Living in a big city, we always miss clean sky in the night, dark blue with sparkling stars… But only this winter one can enjoy a myriad of artificial stars above your head, while having a walk in the city centre. You will be able to enjoy this for free, and the only thing you need is a ticket to Moscow. What are you waiting for?
  9. The Poklonnaya hill will show you mini-Moscow made of ice! The exposition will include the most recognisable sights, such as the Triumphal arch, the Ostankino tower and the Kremlin, for sure. It is going to be one of the must sees of the upcoming winter. Gorgeous lighting will make your adventure an unforgettable experience!
    moscow winter

    Visit Russia in winter


    russian holidays

    Ice sculptures in Moscow


  10. New Year and Christmas… This is time to make wishes. Don’t lose a chance to do that on “Wish Wall” in Victory Park. It is going to be a perfect location to take beautiful pictures and get some luck from the Universe!
  11. The last but not least, this winter everyone in Moscow will see the greatest ice sculptures as a part of the festival “Christmas light”! This is amazing, and all the Muscovites are already missing the sand sculptures that we had in summer! We still don’t know what it’s going to look like, but we know that it is going to be right in the downtown, close to the street Krymsky Val, and will be called “Happy New Year, Moscow!” 

And remember: if you are considering Moscow to St Petersburg tours – there’s no place you’d rather be than Red Square in Moscow and Palace Square in St Petersburg. They are born to be The Place for holidays.


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