10 Fun Things to Do in London

All that glitters is off the beaten path. Our Moscow guide Dasha points her compass to the non-touristy London: Rock`n`Roll London tour, Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, a cup of tea in Dicken’s style, and that’s just the beginning! 10 original and fun things to do in London.

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Big Ben London

Our Moscow guide Dasha in London

  1. After visiting The Victoria & Albert Museum, don`t forget to have a cup of coffee in the museum’s café. It was the first snack-bar in the museum that opened over 100 years ago. The interior is greatly impressive, especially during Christmas time with probably the most beautiful Christmas tree in London!

    London things to do

    Victoria & Albert Museum

  2. If you are a music lover, The Rock`n`Roll London tour is totally recommended for you! On this tour I saw the private pub where all famous British bands had their own table, the gallery where John Lennon and Yoko Ono met each other, the Trident studios in Soho district where world famous songs were recorded, the roof where The Beatles performed for the last time altogether and many other memorable places. Let`s rock! Check out Where to Stay in London: The Ultimate Sightseeing Guide by HotelsCombined to complete your London experience.

    things to do london

    Rock`n`Roll London tour

  3. When you are looking for non-British things to do London can offer… Try Chinese food! There is China Town in London with a huge number of Chinese cafes, so why not make a trip to China in the capital of Great Britain? The portions are enormous, so you have to be very hungry to finish it!

    things to do in london

    China Town in London

  4. When you have seen all the main museums and it is not enough for you, visit The Saatchi gallery featuring a nice collection of modern art. Art lovers and artists will definitely love this one.

    unusual things to do in london

    Saatchi gallery

  5. If you visit London in winter time, don`t miss the amusement park Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. A perfect chance to revisit your childhood.

    thing to do in london

    Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

  6. Literature lovers should attend The Museum of Charles Dickens, which is located in the house where this outstanding English writer lived. The interior is restored in accordance with an original place. Moreover, there is a café where you can have a cup of tea in Dicken’s style. Awesome!

    unique things to do in london

    Museum of Charles Dickens

  7. The Canary Wharf is the modern business district in London with the tallest skyscrapers in the UK which competes even with the historical financial center – London city. If you are found of modern architecture, it will be the most exciting thing to do in London for you!

    What to do in London

    Canary Wharf

  8. Not far from the Canary Wharf you can find Greenwich district where the Prime Meridian is laid. Moreover, there is a peculiar Greenwich market where you can buy unusual souvenirs and sample street food from all over the world.

    to do in London

    Greenwich district

  9. Do you want to try local winter fun? Although it is not snowing and freezing like in Moscow, but it seems that British love skating not less than Russians do! Next to the Natural History museum there is a lovely ice rink, it looks great at night with fantastic illumination and good mulled wine.

    London what to do

    SKating rink in London

  10. Everybody knows about London Eye, but only a few have heard about Walkie-Talkie building with breathtaking panoramic views! Just mind that you have to make a reservation to go up there in advance. By the way, it is absolutely free!
    London to do

    panoramic views in London

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