10 Fun Facts about New York City

NYC is like a giant gelato with a scoop of every single flavor in the world. New York is a unique abundant place full of mystery, fun, fashion, history, culture, amazing people from all over the world, brand-new malls, fascinating night life. This city makes you feel like a part of all its gems, and you are out there becoming an important puzzle of this cultural mosaic. This city reflects all the tastes. This is what our Moscow guide Vera loves about New York. Find 10 Fun Facts about New York City here!


  1. New York is famous to have many names such as The Big Apple, Meeting Pot, The City, Empire State. It is a home to many talented actors, musicians and movie stars. Among celebrities that were born here are: Sylvester Stallone, Anna Hathaway, Christina Aguilera, Jay Z, Al Pacino, Jennifer Lopez, Donald Trump and Lady Gaga.
  2. The city has a long 400 years’ history, which was originally called New Amsterdam with first Dutch colonists. At the beginning, they started to settle on Governors’ Island and later they started to move into Manhattan.
  3. The entire size of New York is not more than 300 square miles. The city has five neighborhoods: Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. The city is notorious for having more than 50 000 homeless people where approximately one-third residents live at the poverty line.

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  4. Time Square is one of the most well -recognized spots in New York. The Statue of Liberty is another iconic landmark which was a gift from France and was opened in 1886. There is no New York without Empire State building which was the tallest tower until 1972.
  5. New York subway was opened in 1904 and nowadays it represents the largest mass transit system in the world with 468 stations. The best thing about the subway is that it runs 24 hours a day, making the life of New Yorkers much easier. Approximately 5 million people use the subway every day.

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  6. Central Park is not only the largest urban park in the world with more than 35 million visitors every year, it is also one of the most filmed locations in the world. The Park was established in 1857. The size of Central Park, like Hyde Park London, serves as a model for many urban park in the world. This park is also larger than the principality of Monaco.
  7. New York is full of experiences and is one of the best places in the world to try incredible food. So many different people live here and they are all happy to offer their national cuisine. Some people consider the city one of the best places to try famous NYC pizza. Many of the restaurants rank among the most expensive in the world while the others are ready to offer you the fast food for a couple of dollars.

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  8. Another landmark of New York is yellow taxi. More than 13 000 licensed taxis work in the city. In case you don’t have cash, you can easily pay by credit card, and I consider this as one of the most convenient things in the city.
  9. The most breathtaking view of the city is from its marvelous bridges. They all are, without any exceptions, pieces of art. The city is home to more than 2 000 bridges and tunnels. My favorite one is the Brooklyn Bridge which is one of the oldest bridges in the USA, being a symbol of optimism and the place for the so-called ‘love locks’ which is a practice when couples attach locks with their initials and throw the keys into the water.  Here is more about secrets and hidden path of NYC.
  10.  New York City has the largest Chinese population of any city outside Asia and the largest Puerto Rican population of any city in the world.
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