10 Free Things To Do in St Petersburg

The top of the list goes to Peter and Paul Fortress, of course. But there are many bridges and gardens that deserve your attention. Find more Free Things To Do in St Petersburg.

Have a strong morning coffee and welcome to unimaginable views, amazing architecture, incredible adventure!

The suggested route is only a suggestion, you come across so many more fun places on your way. To combine fun places, fun facts and a friendly local guide check our private tours in St Petersburg.

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Best free things to do in Saint Petersburg


  1. Petropavlovskaya Fortress

This fortress was founded by Peter I, it is one of the main sights of St Petersburg. You can visit a cathedral, a prison, ancient bastions and the Bell Tower. You can also visit the well-known Mint. It is also the burial place of the Romanovs. The fortress is open daily from 08.00 to 21.00. Admission is free.

Its height is 122,5 meters. The fortress was built in 1725.

Visiting St Petersburg

Peter and Paul Cathedral

  1. Nevsky Prospect

Nevsky Prospect is a surprising place, like the Champs Elysees in France.

Every day this place is visited by around two million people. Nevsky prospect is 5 kilometers long and features many sights: the House of Books, Kazan bridge, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Gostiny Dvor and much more.

Free things ot do in St Petersburg RUssia

Nevsky Prospect

  1. Vasilyevsky Island and Vasilyevsky arrow

Vasilyevsky island is the biggest in the delta of Neva and is called in honor of the lieutenant Vasily Kormich. Here you can see the Exchange, some museums and a fine exhibition complex. The island comes to an end with the Vasilyevsky arrow.

It is 4 km long Vasilyevsky from the North to the South and 6 km long from the West to the East.

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St Petersburg embankment

  1. The Monument to Peter I

The monument was ordered by the empress Catherine II. The monument had to represent a strong man in a solemn shape. The thunderstone  for the monument was found in the neighborhood village and the place where the stone was taken from is now the Petrovsky pond.

St Petersburg attractions

Monument to Peter I St Petersburg

  1. Alexander Garden

The garden is called in honor of the Emperor Alexander. The project was carried out the Minister of Finance of the Russian Empire Egor Kankrin who personally chose the trees for planting in a new garden.

The garden was replenished also because of gifts of Sweden — metal benches and a flower clock.

You can see here the Musical Hill, the zoo, planetarium, a monument to a torpedo boat. Check a beautiful bridge over Fontanka river. It consists of four sculptures of horses, the most recognizable in the city.

The total area of a garden is 10 hectares.

St Petersburg sights

St Petersburg must see sights

  1. Nevsky Bridge

Earlier this bridge was wooden and ugly. Over time, it started growing, changing, becoming better and more attractive. A magnificent handrail was added thanks to Karl Shinkel’s sketches, the German architect. The bridge was laid out from a brick and revetted with granite.

The bridge is 35 m wide and is the longest bridge in the city – 905.7 m with ramps.

Things ot do in St Petersburg

St Petersburg at night

  1. Bridge of Kisses

Many legends and myths are connected with this bridge. They say this is the place to remember the best moments of your life. You can see tens of couples on the bridge every day.

It is 41 meter long and 23 meters wide.

St Petersburg shore tours will give you all the best views of the bridges and canals you could dream of.

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St Petersburg bridge

  1. English Embankment

This one of the most beautiful places in the world which changed its name 22 times.  It is 1260 meters long. In the beginning of the 20th century it was called the Embankment of the Red Fleet, and because of the English Queen Elizabeth II, this embankment started being called English.

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St Petersburg embankment

  1. The Botanical Garden

At first the garden was used for cultivation of medical plants and medicinal herbs. The garden represents the huge area covered with a green surface. At the beginning of the 19th century the Botanical garden was home to about 15 000 plants, being the world’s largest.

Nowadays the garden boasts total 8000 species of plants and has a branch in Rio de Janeiro.

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10. Summer garden

Summer Garden in St Petersburg is a monument of landscape art of the early 18th century. The garden was the summer residence of Peter I and was laid out by the Emperor himself. Some of the Marble statues for the Summer Garden were ordered from Italy, with a total of 250. The gem of the collection of ancient art is considered the Hermitage statue of Venus (III century BC.), which was acquired specifically for the Summer Garden.

The summer garden is open daily from 10.00 to 22.00, and closed on Tuesdays.

St Petersburg free things

Summer Garden St Petersburg

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