10 Best Cities for Travelling and Their Nicknames

10 Best Cities for travelling in 2016 and their fun nicknames.

Thinking where to travel in 2016?

Have you ever been in the Moscow’s Kremlin, St Petersburg’s Hermitage, or Lisbon Cathedral? Have you ever climbed to Paris’s Eiffel Tower, Los Angeles’s Hollywood sign or New York’s One World Observatory to see the views of the world?  No? Slap yourself for not travelling enough, and start planning your 2016 adventure! Set for…

10 Best Cities for travelling in 2016 and their fun nicknames.

Enjoy traveling! With us, Friendly Local Guides.


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According to annals, in 1367 Dmitry Donskoy replaced wooden walls of Moscow Kremlin with stone ones. White stone (limestone and dolomite) appeared to be not the hardest building material. Therefore, in XV century it was replaced with red brick.

Over time, the city grew and to protect it from the raids of the enemies, new fortifications were built around Kremlin. One of them took place on the field near Kuchkova Neglinnaya river, which is now completely under the ground.

In the 16th century a wall was built along the moat, its foundation was also partly built of white stone, and the buildings within it were called the White City.

200 years later the wall was demolished and the White City itself ceased to exist. Ten boulevards now encircle Moscow on the place of former White City.

The nickname “Whitestone” proved to be strong and is still widely used.

First Throne

Back in the times of Old Rus there were many thrones all over the country, Kiev being the first city with a throne. However, after many fights and battles Dmitry Donskoy took the primacy and made Moscow “The First Throne”.

Moscow has always been the main seat of the Russian Orthodox Church – the Cathedral of Russia, which hosted the inauguration of the Patriarchs, the coronation of Tsars and Emperors in the Assumption Cathedral in the Kremlin.

According to other sources, Moscow got its tonorable title from the beginning of 18th century, when the capital of the Russian state was moved to St. Petersburg. Moscow was then called the “First Throne” to emphasize the historical precedence of Moscow.

Take fun Moscow Tours to play your Game of Thrones.

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Moscow 2016

Saint Petersburg

Venice of the North

Saint Petersburg is located on the coast of Gulf of Finland. In the East there is a Ladozhskoe Lake. Due to a great range of rivers and channels (about 100) and bridges (about 800) they call Saint Petersburg the “Venice of the North”.

Hotbed of Culture  or Open air Museum

Saint Petersburg is rightly called a unique cultural capital of Russia. There is a huge concentration of parks, museums, theaters and monuments of different eras. Most outstanding Russian writers lived here. And nowadays most creative and talented people come to stay in Saint Petersburg, because every corner and every street inspires for the most exciting discoveries.

Take fun St Petersburg Tours to visit 3 places at once: Medieval Russia, Northern Venice and Russian Versaille.

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St Petersburg 2016

New York

The Big Apple

The origin of this nickname is not that simple and there are dozens of theories on this. Some say it was called so after the apple sellers in the times of the Great Depression, others insist that it was the name of a night club in Harlem, third would say that it is the name of a popular dance of the 30s, which was called “Big Apple”.

It was first mentioned by Edward Martin in his book “The Wayfarer in New York” (1909). Later in the 1920s John Fitzgerald used it in his article “Around the Big Apple”. He heard this phrase from jockeys at the horse races in New Orleans: “…horses love apples, and races in New York is “The Big Apple”.

See what color will be your apple on New York Tours.

New York travel

New York 2016

Los Angeles

The city of Angeles

In 1769 Gaspar De Portola and Juan Crespi – Captain of Spanish army and a Franciscan missionary – made a stop on the way to San Diego. The place they liked was called Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncila, later it was renamed to El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles, which means “The city of the Virgin Mary, Queen of Angels”.

What kind of angel are you? Find out on Los Angeles Tours.

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Los Angeles 2016


City of Love

Paris has been always considered to be a city of love. It is soaked with romantic stories. Its beautiful architecture, art masterpieces, music, historical places, museums and parks will not leave anybody indifferent.

Another reason why Paris is called a city of love is because of its romantic, melodious French language. The melody and the sound help to associate the language with tenderness, care, sensuality and love.

It’s never too late to fall in love on our Paris Tours.  Not with your tour guide! With Paris, of course.

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Paris 2016


The Emerald City

Washington is one of the most greenish capitals in the world. There are more than 100 parks and squares with green lawns, streets and plazas with plenty of trees, bushes and flowers. Due to lack of industrial production, the city has amazingly fresh air. Try sitting in a park for 10 minutes and see how many squirrels jumping from trees to trees you can count.

Washington DC Tours are emerald, lazurite and very FUNite.

Washington DC travel

Washington DC 2016


City of Seven Hills

The city got this nickname because it is located on 7 Hills: Graca, Castelo, Monte, Santa Catarina, S.Pedro de Alcantara, Penha de Franca, and Estrela.

The city of the Light

All the roofs of the city are colored into bright honey-red, therefore the city gets covered by a magnificent light during sunsets.

Check all seven hills on our Lisbon Tours of the Light!

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Lisbon 2016


Fashion Capital of the World

Most popular fashion houses in the world have their headquarters in this city. One of the most well-known streets in Milan is Via Monte Napoleone, which goes through the fashion district. It is a 500-meter one-way street. Walking down this street feels like a fashion show with a myriad of boutiques, like Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Omega, Dior, Versace, Bruno, Saint Laurent, Cartier.

Are you fashionista? Coffeeista? Romantista? Take your pick on Milan Tours.

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The Windy City

In 1893 the editor of “New York Sun” Charles Dana used this term in his article describing fluctuation in the city authority.

Nowadays, Chicago is the largest transport hub in the world. The most important part is the Harbor, which is connected with the sea through Saint Lorenz channel. After some development the Harbor became the biggest river port in the world. Therefore, due to the location and the heaviest winds coming from the seaside, Chicago is really unbelievably windy.

If the wind blows you away on Chicago Tours… Ah well, who cares, we warned you.

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San Francisco

The Golden City

There are several reasons why they call San Francisco the Golden City.

Back in the 19th century, from 1848 – 1860 California had the times of golden rush. Its consequences were very significant. Just in some years San Francisco grew from a small town into a large city. They built a lot of roads, schools, hospitals and churches around the US. Law system was established, and in 1850 California officially became an American State, which now is often called “the Golden State”.

Another theory of getting this nickname comes the world-known Golden Gate Bridge and one of the largest urban parks in the world – the Golden Gate Park.

Experience all shades of gold on San Francisco Tours. Start with Cal Poly Pomona Gold shade of Cable Cars.

San Francisco travel

San Francisco 2016

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