Paris Night Tour

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Sincere and casual, posh and elegant, mysterious and full of intrigues, Paris at night is the experience you can't miss. 

These killer night views will stay with you forever! 

*The tour can be modified to meet your preferences.

  • Place Vendome
  • Champs Elysees
  • Trocadero
  • Tour Eiffel and Champ de Mars
  • Seine embankments
  • St Germain des Pres


  • Paris By Night with your friendly local guide;
  • Discover how Paris looks when the sun goes down;
  • Be dazzled with thousands of lights in the most romantic city;
  • Explore main attractions magically-lit;
  • See reflection of the night city in Seine;
  • Admire the most impressive view of Paris at night – sparkling Tour Eiffel with thousands of lights;
  • Walk along sleepless Champs Elysees;
  • Take a look at nightlife of luxurious Vendome square and elegant St Germain des Pres quarter.

Tour Itinerary:

Place Vendome

We start our tour in famous Place Vendome. Being luxurious, sophisticated and fashionable this square concentrates all the most expensive shops, hotels (including legendary Ritz) and restaurants in Paris. When you come here at night you will have an opportunity to see elite life of Paris. Lights of restaurants and boutiques invite you to the world of luxury.

Place Vendome sparkles and amazes with its glory!

Champs Elysees

After Place Vendome we will visit another famous square – Place de la Concorde. In the center of square you can see Egyptian Obelisk which looks very mysterious. Place de la Concorde is the origin of legendary Champs Elysees. This is surely the place which never sleeps! Life here is bustling at any time. A walk along Champs Elysees at night surely needs to be in your must-do list! It would be a crime if you don’t visit the most fashionable, expensive and “the most Parisian” avenue. Most restaurants, bars and clubs are open all night. The real Paris is here! In the end of the avenue you will see a very significant monument – Arc de Triomphe built in 1836. The Arch reminds us about times of Napoleon and the glory of French Empire. Many years have passed and now Arc de Triomphe is an essential part of Paris scene.

Illumination makes it look very fabulous!


No doubt you are still extremely impressed with Champs Elysees, but it’s time ot turn another page of Parisian nightlife and here we are – on Trocadero hill with its beautiful square, trendy restaurants, lovely streets and amazing green park with the biggest fountain in Paris. At night you will see many people with cameras here. Why? Because Trocadero has the best viewpoint of Eiffel Tower! From here you can see this sophisticated metal construction in all its majesty. At night, when the Eiffel Tower has its illumination turned on, the view can’t be described by words! You need to see it yourself.

Don’t forget to take your camera! Amazing views are guaranteed.

Tour Eiffel and Champ de Mars

It’s not a secret that the main and the most important purpose for every tourist who comes to Paris is to see the iron masterpiece – Eiffel Tower. Dreams should come true! Must-do thing in Paris is to come to Eiffel Tower not only during the day but also at night. It’s amazing how impressive it looks at night time. A real jewelry! Sparkling with 20 000 of lights it will leave you speechless! One of the best places to enjoy the Eiffel Tower by night is Champs de Mars – a huge green area extended just in front of Tower.

When the sun goes down hundreds of people come here to relax and admire unforgettable views of glistening symbol of Paris. Join them and enjoy this moment!

Seine embankments

How fantastic it is: to take a walk along Seine embankments! And how magical is to do it at night. When you stroll along Seine you have a chance to enjoy views of most of Paris attractions which are gorgeous. But imagine how fantastic monuments look in lights of illumination and backlight. Historical buildings such as Les Invalides and Louvre with its glass pyramid seem to be mysterious and intriguing. And, of course, you will see numerous bridges over Seine. The highlight among all bridges is surely Pont Alexandre III. It is the most elegant bridge in Paris.

 Made of white marble and gold, it shines in color of night with all the shades you can imagine.

St Germain des Pres

Let’s continue exploring night Paris in the elegant Parisian quarter called St Germain des Pres. This area is perfect for having a slow promenade and discovering Paris nightlife. When the sun goes down Germainopratins (that’s the name of inhabitants of this quarter) go out and spend time in restaurants and bars. By the way, St Germain des Pres is considered to be the place with the highest concentration of really good restaurants. Wander through elegant illuminated streets and have a drink in one of the cafes feeling like a local. One of the most famous restaurants here is called “Polidor”. Opened in 1845, it met such guests as James Joyce, Hemingway, Keruac and saved its original interior. Polidor was also shown in famous Woody Allen’s film “Midnight in Paris”.

It’s a nice idea to end your guided night tour in such notable place, isn’t it?


  • * The itinerary is subject to change


Extra costs (per person):

Entrance fees


Activity Level: moderate
Maximum travelers: 5
Meet up & End location: lobby of your hotel
Start time: any time
Extra hours: If you are having a good time and want your Night Tour in Paris last a little bit longer, you are welcome to do that. Please note: You will be charged 40 USD per an extra hour.
Tipping suggestions: If you feel like you had a good experience, your guide would appreciate a tip. It's not mandatory. It's your decision whether you want to give your guide a tip.

What you get:

  • + A friend in Paris.
  • + Private & customized tour.
  • + An exciting pastime, not just boring history lessons.
  • + An authentic experience of local life.
  • + Flexibility during the tour: changes can be made at any time to suit individual preferences.
  • + Amazing deals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the very best cafes & restaurants. 
  • + A photo session amongst spectacular Paris scenery that can be treasured for a lifetime.
  • + An expert advice on what to do, where to go, and how to make the most of your time.

*This Paris By Night tour can be modified to meet your preferences.