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Our sightseeing today is all about taking in the stunning must-see sights in this historic and charming city.

Soak up the amazing atmosphere of the Fashion Capital of the World and experience 15 best things to do in 1 day Milan tour!

See the most majestic attractions in Europe, you’ll tick off the sights of Milan including:

*The itinerary depends on how many stops you want to make during the tour, and may be revised.

*The tour can be modified to meet your preferences.


1.Duomo Cathedral

2.Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

3.La Scala Theatre Opera House

4.Brera palace

5.Sforza Castle

6.Sempione Park

7.Arch of Piece

8.Santa Maria delle Grazie

9.San Maurizio Church

10.Saint Ambrogio Basilica


  • Private Milan tour with your personal friendly local guide;
  • Experience over 10 most popular attractions and best things to do in Milan;
  • Feel the unique atmosphere of the City of fashion, style, art, business and football;
  • Enjoy a fantastic mix of history and modernity, medieval castles and the latest skyscrapers;
  • Buy a gift or a souvenir in the shopping capital of the world walking along the longest shopping street in Europe;
  • Learn more about opera and see one of the best opera theatres in the world;
  • Take a cute selfie with Italian pigeons on Duomo Square;
  • Walk in the quiet lovely green park surrounded by vibrant megapolis;
  • Wander through the streets of bohemian Brera district with its cafes, pubs and restaurants;
  • Take in breathtaking city views from Duomo or Branca Tower.

Tour Itinerary:

Duomo Cathedral

Traditionally Duomo Square is considered the heart of the city. The main building of this charming square is surely the Duomo Cathedral – №1 must-see attraction in Milan. You will be amazed by beauty of this majestic cathedral, one of the largest in Europe. It can meet over 40 000 visitors. It is a real masterpiece of Gothic architecture made of dazzling white marble. There are 135 high skyward spires decorated with fretworks. The interior of the cathedral is also fabulous. You can go up to the rooftop and enjoy the city breathtaking view.

A small church of Santa Maria Presso near Duomo is famous for its unique altar which is painted by technique of perspective and that’s why a small altar looks large and volumetric. This technique of optic illusion was used by Bramante.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Afterwards, we will hit the 3rd biggest shopping gallery in the world to check out the bustling shopping life for which Milan is known.

Here you can find the most famous brands like Prada, Gucci, D&G, Dior… This place is Mecca for luxury shopping lovers. Galleria is a network of shops, restaurants and cafes including legendary Zucca cafe which founder Gaspare also created famous Campari liquor in 1860.

But even if you are not interested in shopping, with loads of entertainment all around Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is the must-visit place. It will surprise you with its stunning architecture: the floor decorated with mosaics, the large vitreous cupola and beautiful glass cases which look like pieces of art. Don’t miss an opportunity to make a wish while stepping on a famous Turin bull and your wish will surely come true!

La Scala Theatre Opera House

This famous theatre is surely the center of world opera. Opened in 1778, it has been pleasing opera lovers for almost three centuries. The best operas from classic to contemporary are performed here. For all singers it is a great honor to sing in this theatre. La Scala has quite modest and not remarkable facade but when you enter it you will see very rich sophisticated interior and feel the spirit of art. It is the 5th biggest theatre in the world and can accommodate 2800 spectators.

Brera palace

Built in 17th century, nowadays Brera palace is a place where you can find National Library, Academy of Fine Arts and of course the famous Brera Gallery (Pinacoteca di Brera). The gallery consists of 38 rooms where the greatest paintings of such masters as Raphael, Caravaggio and Titian are kept.

The Palace is located in Brera district which is loved by both locals and tourists. This district has bohemian atmosphere. It is mostly a pedestrian area where people enjoy walking, watching performances of street artists or chilling in a cafe with a cup of coffee.

A highlight here is Princi with its tempting tiramisu and cheesecakes. In the best Italian traditions.

Sforza Castle

In the city center your attraction will be captured by the monumental medieval castle. It is called Sforza Castle after famous Milan dynasty. Being 7 centuries old, it saw many significant historical events. Leonardo da Vinci himself took part in decoration of the Castle.

Here you can also take a look at famous Michelangelo’s “Pieta Rondanini” – his last work which he didn’t finish when he died in 1564. Nowadays there are many museums and exhibitions in the castle.

The most popular among tourists are art gallery and museum of furniture.

Sempione Park

After a hectic morning, take a break to relax. Head up to Sempione Park for spectacular views. This is a green quiet park in the center of lively Milan. It occupies the area of 50 hectares and is perfect for walking, relaxing and sipping coffee in one of the cafes.

If you want to enjoy a fantastic city view you can go up to 109 meter-high Branca Tower which is located in the park and has a great observation deck.

Arch of Piece

After you exit the Sempione Park you will see the majestic Arch of Piece (Arco della Pace). The idea of building this arch belonged to Napoleon who wanted to immortalize the conquest of Italy. After the fall of his empire Italians continued to build the Arch. But its conception was changed. Finished only in 1838 this Arch now symbolizes the end of European wars and the value of peace.

Santa Maria delle Grazie

Get into the spirit of the ancient times in a gorgeous church which combines the elements of Gothic and Renaissance styles.

Among all other Milan churches Santa Maria delle Grazie welcomes the highest number of tourists every day. Why? Because tourists come here to see legendary Da Vinci’s “The last Supper” painted in 1498 which is considered a real treasure of world art. Too see it, you have to book months in advance, but it's absolutely worth it!

San Maurizio Church

From the outside this church will not impress you by its richness and decoration. But inside you will feel like you are now in art gallery. There is no place here which is not covered by paintings or frescos. It’s a perfect place for art connoisseurs.

Now, this one will sweep you away: how about the archeological museum where you can see the unique stone with over 170 000 prehistoric rock drawings found in Val Camonica valley.

Saint Ambrogio Basilica

This basilica was built in 379 AD. It’s the second largest and the oldest church in Milan. Here you can see the unique golden altar made in 9th century. This is the place where relics of many saints including St. Ambrogio were buried. Also pay your attention to Saint Vittorio chapel with amazing mosaics under the cupola.

After the tour head out for an evening meal in one of popular local nightlife spots. This is your chance to experience Milan’s world renowned nightlife, with plenty of live entertainment and activities for everyone to enjoy. Why not see what the fuss is all about?

Your guide will gladly recommend you the best places in the city.


  • * The itinerary is subject to change


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*This one day Milan tour can be modified to meet your preferences.