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Los Angeles is a dream city.

The scale of the city is mesmerizing, if not overwhelming.  With a population of over 17 million, LA is a network of towns, squares, boulevards and a string of cheery coffee places and flea markets.

For a representative taste of today's Los Angeles, join us on this Los Angeles city tour, where the iconic Walk of Fame in Hollywood and bustling downtown LA combine to heady effect.

*The tour can be modified to meet your preferences.


Here’s the full list of 10 Tourist Attractions you’ll see on this tour:

1.       Staples

2.       Walt Disney Concert Hall

3.       Microsoft Theater

4.       LA Live

5.       Bradbury Building

6.       Grand Park

7.       Museum of Contemporary Art

8.       Hollywood boulevard

9.       Walk of Fame

10.     Grauman’s Chinese and Dolby Theaters


  • Must See LA tour will make you absorb the atmosphere of Hollywood life and see the historic center of the city;
  • Explore the city’s most popular spots from LA live area to Hollywood Hills;
  • Walk down the first Downtown Street with all it dazzling attractions;
  • Check the giant titanium construction of Walt Disney Concert Hall;
  • Walk along the city's boulevards and cobblestone streets which reflect LA classics from 19th century;
  • Experience one of the most vibrant cities on the planet;
  • Get to the spots, where the world-known events take place.

Tour Itinerary:

LA Live

Your insider journey begins the moment you arrive to LA Live with all most popular Los Angeles attractions in one place.

Start the morning at the best entertainment complex in the state of California. The 14-screen Regal Cinemas, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and The Ritz-Carlton Residences - all located here - will make sure this is the place you won’t want to skip.

It is also home to Staples Center, Microsoft Theater and Square, Grammy Museum, Broadcasting Studios, restaurants and residencies.

And, by the way, it cost US$2.5 to make LA Live come alive.

Staples Center

There is more than a few reasons why 4 million people visit Staples Center every year and your local guide will tell you all the story of this massive place. 

Located in Downtown LA on a territory of over 88 thousand square meters, Staples Center hosts over 250 events per year.

Besides being a home area for 5 best-known professional basketball teams like “LA Kings” (NHL), “LA Lakers” (NBA), “LA Sparks” (WNBA) and “LA Clippers” (NBA), it is also a venue for a lot of concerts of most popular singers like Beyoncé, Kanye West, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake and others. 

Microsoft Theater

Renamed after Microsoft Company bought Nokia in 2014, this place is as brand new and stylish as you can imagine. Microsoft Theater is a 7,100 seat show venue with six 75-foot towers.

120 events, such as American Music Awards, People’s Choice, Emmy, MTV Video Music Awards and others take place here every year.

Bradbury Building

Built in 1893, this architectural monument is the LA's oldest landmarked building. It was granted a status of historical monument in 1977. It is considered to be the oldest constriction in megapolis and famous for being a shooting area for lots of best known music videos, shows and movies, like “Blade Runner”, “Lethal Weapon – 4” and others.

Bradbury Building is surrounded by three other DTLA Landmarks: the Grand Central Market, the Million Dollar Theater and Angels Flight.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

You’ll forget you need caffeine when you see this! Take in the views of this huge fairy-tale-shaped Walk Disney Concert Hall, which is in Top 5 Wonders of Modern Architecture.

It is home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra is the venue for the concerts of Academic and Jazz Ensembles. The project cost was 170 million dollars, half of which was sacrificed by Walt Disney’s family. The construction was completed in 2003.

Today it is the newest Concert Arena in Los Angeles. This 3.6-acre complex seats 2,265 people and is often used for movie premiers. The Matrix Revolutions was the very first movie premiere at the concert hall (2003).

Grand Park

Find yourself in the green Oasis of Los Angeles.

Located in a very heart of Los Angeles, Grand Park stretches from the Music Center in the West to City Hall in the East and connects Bunker Hill to the civic center. The park is often called the Oasis and is divided into four distinct areas.

It is the #1 venue for public New Year's Eve celebration starting from 2013. The massive light projection onto the side of Los Angeles City Hall has an ambition to rival the Time Square’s Ball Drop in New York City and become the nation’s leading New Year's Eve festivity.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

Get ready for a truly cultural experience exploring the best America’s art collection.

The museum was founded in 1979 and contains masterpieces of modern artists, created after 1940. Claimed to be America’s #1 museum collection of contemporary art.

Immerse yourself into the craziest human fantasies. A lot of extraordinary showpieces attract both adults and children.  

Hollywood boulevard

Your only challenge here will be trying to not get overexcited.

Get deeply engaged with the film culture of America and feel the ambience of the city.

Stroll Hollywood Boulevard, imagine the Oscars in the Dolby Theater, listen to the story of the legendary Chinese Theater (previously known as The Grauman's Chinese Theatre) – the place for Academy Awards ceremonies and movie premiers.

Finally, meet your favorite cartoon characters and movie heroes (in the form of street actors) and feel like in a fairy tale.

Walk of Fame

Time for a top visitor attraction and a must-see in Hollywood – Walk of Fame!

It feels like a movie set, because it is. One place, 24 star ceremonies and 10 million visitors annually!

The 15-block Walk and has more than 2500 stars representing 5 entertainment fields: Cinema, TV, Music, Radio or Theater. You’ll take enough pictures to fill your Tumblr for a year

The cost of installing a star on the Walk of Fame is $30,000.

Walk of Fame ceremonies are held throughout the year and are free to attend.

Grauman’s Chinese and Dolby Theaters

The world’s famous Chinese Theater and Dolby Theater don’t really need an introduction. Your guide will introduce you anyway. For now all you need to know is that the Chinese Theater claims to provide the world’s most immersive cinematic experience.

Get a glimpse into the epicenter of the universe and take pictures of hand and foot prints of famous movie actors. Our favorite way to refuel after a great tour is a good Italian coffee at Kelly’s.

If planning to get to the movie after out LA tour, make sure to book king-size leather seats in advance.


  • * The itinerary is subject to change


Extra costs (per person):

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Activity Level: moderate
Maximum travelers: 5
Meeting point: lobby of your hotel in Los Angeles
Start time: any time
Extra hours: If you are having a good time and want your Los Angeles tour last a little bit longer, you are welcome to do that. Please note: You will be charged 25 USD per an extra hour.
Tipping suggestions: If you feel like you had a good experience, your guide would appreciate a tip. It's not mandatory. It's your decision whether you want to give your guide a tip.

What you get:

  • + A friend in Los Angeles.
  • + Private & customized tour.
  • + An exciting pastime, not just boring history lessons.
  • + An authentic experience of local life.
  • + Flexibility during the tour: changes can be made at any time to suit individual preferences.
  • + Amazing deals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the very best cafes & restaurants. 
  • + A photo session amongst spectacular Los Angeles scenery that can be treasured for a lifetime.
  • + An expert advice on what to do, where to go, and how to make the most of your time.

*This Los Angeles city tour can be modified to meet your preferences.